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~ Current Meditations ~

Pisces Festival Global Meditation ~
Audio Meditation for Group Alignment

This cycle begins
Friday, February 16, 2018
* * *
2018 Full Moon in Pisces ~ Virgo
Thursday, March 1 ~ 4:51 pm PDT /
00:51 UT Friday, March 2
* * *
Alignment Continues
Through Saturday, March 17, 2018

In preparation for this global meditation invites you to participate in
our meditation theme of "Cosmic Freedom
Inaugurates Planetary Liberation." Impressions
based on this spiritual focus are welcome at
our blog WeCycle Wisdom. This alignment
and meditation offer an opportunity to become
aware of the present time energies influencing
us and of the possibilities they offer humanity
for spiritual evolution. If you are unable to
participate at the exact time of the full moon
festival, choose a time within 12 hours
before or after to participate. We encourage
alignment with these evolutionary
energies from new moon to new moon.


Please Hold in the Light
February 2018

During International Days and major international
conferences, there is a special opportunity for all
who work in meditation and prayer to create a more
unified and compassionate world by holding these
events in the lighted, loving energies of Divinity.
Visualize those of goodwill working in these areas
inspired with fresh thinking and overflowing with
love and will. Make sure to mark your calendar!
Bring to your meditations.


Meditation For Evolutionaries
Free Monthly Guided Meditation
4th Sunday Each Month
9am Pacific Time / 12 Noon Eastern
Replay and Download
are available 1-2 days later.

These meditations are listed here in
service to Gaia and evolving humanity.
Craig Hamilton freely shares the
the practice of direct awakening
with our global community. He begins
each live, monthly gathering with a brief talk
about meditation, then leads the group in a
roughly 45-minute guided meditation practice,
alternating between periods of silent practice
and brief instructional interludes.
This is followed by a live Q&A where you
can ask Craig your questions about meditation.
Craig is the founder of Integral Enlightenment.
Give Craig Feedback / Subscribe
Nov. 27, 2016 Meditation (90 mins.)
Presence and Easefulness:
The Two Pillars of Meditative Awakening
Dec. 18, 2016 Meditation (90 mins.)
Three Gateways to Freedom:
An Experiment in Direct Awakening
The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego
January 2017 Free Online Seminar (90mins.)
How to Make the Change that Changes Everything
Live Interactive Forum (90 mins.)
Jan. 26, 2017 - When 2 different dimensions
of spiritual awakening converge ... when those
close to us don't share our spiritual aspirations ...
Craig also shares his vision in practice for liberation.
Beyond Peak Experiences
Mar. 13, 2017 Free Online Seminar (90mins.)
The 4 Keys to Sustaining a Spiritual Awakening
Are You Ready For Awakening? (16 mins.)
Receptivity - An intro to 1 of 8 Inner
Postures of Awakened Awareness
Also see: Opening to the Infinite, it's Blog and
the Virtual Living Room Discussion Q&A (1:36:42).
Meditation 2.0 Direct Awakening (90 mins)
5/12/17 Presumption of Enlightenment
Four Gateways to Awakening (1:46:33)
5/21/17 A Guided Meditation Workshop
Awakening to Your True Nature
30-minute guided meditation
Opening to Spiritual Freedom (2hrs.)
2/5/18 Explore 5 inner postures
of awakened consciousness.


Feast for the Soul
January 15 – February 23, 2018

This is an annual 40-day period, since 2006,
of mindfulness practice and meditation
for participants worldwide. Daily meditation
practices from many major religious
and spiritual traditions are offered online
free of charge. Facebook coaches are available
throughout the Feast to aid participants with
any difficulties they face with their practice.
Sign up to find a wealth of resources
to support your participation.
* * *
Additional Link of Interest
Winter of Wellness
January 16–20, 2018
Free online summit with
40+ top wellness experts


Season for Nonviolence
January 30 - April 4, 2018

This 64-day event is a global grassroots campaign
dedicated to raising awareness about the
healing and transforming power of nonviolence.
In 1998 it commemorated the 50th and
30th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma
Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Today it empowers communities to create
a peaceful, just and sustainable world.
64 Ways in 64 Days
* * *
Additional Links of Interest
Light a Candle for Peace
An online sacred ritual
Do One Thing for a Better World
Quotes, HeroPix, Posters, etc.
Create a Season for Nonviolence event!


Power of Prayer Call
January 31, 2018, Wednesday
12:00pm PST (20:00 UT)
Call is 1 hour
Dial-in: 425-440-5010 Pin: 172810#
Webcast and Replay Link

Register above for monthly Prayer Call info.
Your participation helps so many people
reaching out for prayer and community.
The energy on the call is always palpable.
Gratitude fills the tone and atmosphere
in the gathering of our intentions.
Thank you to all who participate
Send your prayer requests and write
"Power of Prayer" in the subject line.
Prayer, Intention, Meditation Requests Facebook


Earth Treasure Vase Global Meditation
January 31, 2018, Wednesday
6:00pm PDT (01:00 UT Feb. 1, Thursday)
January 31 Meditation Recording

This Full Moon meditation maintains and
amplifies the blessing power of all Healing
Vessels buried in the Earth and dedicated to
the protection and renewal of our planet. The
Gaiafield Earth Treasure Vase dedicated to a
wiseUSA in Witchita, Kansas on June 29, 2016
is included in this healing matrix and meditation.
On this call important updates about newly buried,
and dedicated Earth Treasure Vases will be shared.
See Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project.
Also see Full Blue Moon Super Blood Moon Eclipse
January 31, 2018 Newsletter


World Interfaith Harmony Week
January 31 - February 7, 2018
February 3, 2018, Saturday
10:00am PST (18:00 UT)
9:00pm Ethiopia Time
U DAY Ethiopia: Convergence of Fire
Feb. 3 Online Global Meditation (1hr) ~ Recording

This global event "seeks to spread the message
of harmony and tolerance among the followers
of the three monotheistic faiths and all the
world’s religions." It brings together spiritual,
traditional and religious leaders with
international change-makers and
musical artists to celebrate
and advance global unity.
On February 3, a powerful ritual in Ethiopia
involving the convergence of three torches:
Unity Torch, Global Compassion Torch
and the Peace Torch will come together
to light the Global Torch of One Love
with our collective presence and
prayers for planetary healing.
Feb. 3 Online Global Meditation (1hr) ~ Recording


Divine Feminine Peace Spa
February 5, Monday, 2018
5:30pm PST (01:30 UT Tuesday)
Recording Available for Viewing

The Association of Global New Thought (AGNT)
is hosting a monthly online gathering to empower
and activate the divine feminine thought and
soul movement worldwide and to bring
awareness to the evolving masculine
for a more balanced world.
The Divine Feminine Peace Spa
will run every month between
January and December 2018.
Free Registration.
Recording Archive


February 11, Sunday, 2018
10:00am-3:30pm PST (18:00-23:30 UT)

Join Patrica Cota-Robles in person or on
the inner planes for these free seminar events
Take a moment on these days to weave your Golden
Thread into our Chalice of Light. This will flood the
Earth, exponentially expanding the Lightwork of every
person on this Planet a thousand fold. After each
seminar in 2018 information will be shared
in our free free monthly online newsletter.
You will then be able to realize the
awesome assistance you are
receiving from the Heavenly Realms.


World Sound Healing Day
February 14, Wednesday, 2018
Noon your time or ...
Anytime you feel guided on this day

Send a Global Sonic Valentine to Gaia!
Participants, for five minutes, send a sonic
valentine to the Earth with an "AH" sound filled
with the intention of Global Harmonization,
planetary peace and healing during the
15th Annual World Sound Healing Day.
Complimentary MP3 Download (5 min.)
Create Your Own World Sound Healing Event
* * *
Additional Links of Interest
Temple of Sacred Sound
Global Toning Event Via the Internet
12 noon your time or anytime 2/14/17
One Billion Rising
Valentine's event ending violence against women.

A Valentine's Star? Look Up!
It's overhead 8:00pm-9:00pm your time.
It's red, beats like a giant heart
and stimulates our heart.


18 | 18 Prayer Circle
February 18, Sunday, 2018
12:00pm PST (20:00 UT)

During 2018 you are invited to participate
in a meditation each month on the 18th day.
Use this time of prayer to move through
2018 with clear, unwavering intentions,
and a new monthly practice of
creation through prayer.
If you can't catch the live prayer circles
each month, the energy of the prayer
is captured in that moment and
available to you on the webcast replay.
You MUST register for the 18 |18 Prayer Circle
FREE or Sliding Scale donation. (You choose.)
Registration gives access to the 2018 Soul Songs.


Celestine Vision Global Prayer Project
Gather with people around the world and
participate in individual and organized group
prayer. We're offering a digital prayer wall for
individual prayers, and a weekly open forum
to pray for our world. Meet new friends,
write and share experiences, and
pray for the healing of all those in need.
In addition learn about the Celestine
Insights and read articles by James Redford.


Recording: Peace Prayers for Syria
Participate Anytime

This meditation remains listed here in
service to a peaceful outcome for Syria.
In the one hour, March 1, 2016 recording
James Twyman shares Middle East stories
from his recent remarkable vigil-trip.
He discusses the inspiration behind
the event, and guides us in deep
meditation and prayer for the
success of the Syrian peace process.
An introduction to the meditation begins
about 14:24 minutes into the recording.


Seeds of Peace Global Meditation Replay
US-Iran Nuclear Negotiation Meditation
Participate Anytime

This meditation remains listed here in
service to a peaceful outcome for any / all
US-Iran nuclear negotiations. The one hour
subtle activism, which took place June 20,
, is a vehicle for personal healing,
inspiration and the transmission of higher
qualities into the collective consciousness of
humanity. Seeds of peace are planted in key
USA and Iran government buildings. lnsights
are shared by individual participants.
Meditation Replay
* * *
Additional Links of Interest
Gaifield Project
Subtle Activism for Global Transformation
Summer of Peace
An annual online event


~ Phone-In Meditations ~

Free Internet Phone Calls
This link lists 20 ways to make free calls.



~ Ongoing Meditations ~

Lunar, Anytime, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
, Monday - Thursday



New Moon Meditations
2018 Eastern/Pacific Time Zones:
Jan. 16, Feb. 15, Mar. 17, Apr. 15,
May 15, June 13, July 12, Aug. 11,
Sept. 9, Oct. 8, Nov. 7, Dec 6/7
Exact UTC Times - UT / UTC Time Conversion

This invitation to gather with familiy and friends
once a month at the New Moon includes a
meditative vision for creating a new world.


Full & New Moon Webinars
Add your name to the mailing list.
Learn more.

Join meditators throughout the world to
aid humanity to shift the balance
of its focus onto the side
of the forces of light.
There is no charge for this meeting;
donations are gratefully accepted.
Meetings are held monthly at the full
and new moons via GoToWebinar.
Click link above for more info and
to be added to the mailing list.
Be sure to check out the
Homepage and the Archive.



Universal Breathing Room

Visit and join in anytime.
Breathe synchronously with people
from around the world. The power
of conscious breathing unites humanity.
Why Breathe Together?


Temple of Sacred Sound

Visit the Toning Chamber of your choice
to assist the ascension of planetary vibrations.


Global Care Room

The Global Care Room provides a moving visual
image that supports one's experience of a global
meditative interconnection. Participants 'see'
each other as points of light on a
spinning Google Earth map.
Visit anytime to listen to a guided
meditation, or participate in
synchronized sessions
that occur 3x daily.
It's free to use.
Enter as a Guest or Sign Up.


Replay Recording ~
Uplifting the SacredFeminine:
Global Shift Meditation
Participate anytime.

This talk and meditation by Rev. Dr. Deva
Haley Mitchell, which took place June 1, 2016
is an empowerment of feminine qualities in
both women and men. Reconnect to
the divine feminine within and ignite an
exciting new wave of possibility on our planet.
A powerful healing meditation occurs
about 25 minutes into the 1-hour recoding.
Alternative Link
Note: Link is mislabelled Sister Jenna.


Earth Treasure Vase Talk/Meditation
Archived Webcast

This past synchronized Global Meditation
(6/20/13) is included here to celebrate the
Earth Treasure Healing Vase Project
and to continue activating the global grid laid
down by this remarkable 23 year project.
Participate to strengthen this grid anytime.


Maitreya Peace Meditation
Whenever, Wherever!

This meditation is a simple method for
leading people "of every faith and none" to the
very heart of loving-kindness, which is the
root cause of peace and happiness for
all beings. Please join us to encircle
the world with loving-kindness.


May Peace Prevail On Earth
Whenever, Wherever!

Join with people all over the world.
Say or use this simple universal prayer
as an ending to a prayer,
a closing to a letter or email,
an answering machine message
or on your web page


Worldwide Gatherings for Truth
Anytime ~ Any Place

The purpose of Truth Circles worldwide is to
meditate, empower people, share information,
and link to networks, groups, individuals.
"That which you believe is true must be stated."
Gather in a garden, a local park or
at a special / sacred site.
Suggestions for gatherings are included.


Global Chant
Start or Join a Chanting Circle

This growing network of chanting circles uses
sacred chants from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu,
Jewish, Native American, Sikh, and Sufi traditions,
as a vehicle for global transformation and healing.
Download chants and directions for forming a
Chanting Circle. See list of existing circles.


Circles of Love
Whenever, Wherever!

Imagine Circles of Love sprouting around the globe,
ever growing in number. Imagine these circles
linking us all together through our deep-held desire
to connect with all people through sacred love.
Learn two simple ways to create a Circle of Love.
* * *
Additional Link of Interest
Circle Connections


Silent Unity

Take a moment out of your busy day,
find a quiet place, and pray.
Select a guided meditation or
enjoy the monthly meditation.
* * *
Submit a Prayer Request
Silent Unity is available for personal prayer support,
free of charge, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
Write, email or call toll free: 1-800-NOW-PRAY.
Silent Unity has been providing continuous prayer
for people of all faiths for over 100 years.




The Gentle Art of Blessing
A daily active meditation

Participate with other peacemakers around the
world in acknowledging the seen and unseen
goodness in all. Hallow planet Earth.
YouTube Gentle Art of Blessing


Only Love Prevails
A daily active meditation

Become a catalyst for peace by participating in this
World Peace Experiment. Help shift the perception
from "good and evil" to a perception of love. Sign up
and help reach the goal of 80,000 people who are
committed to this active global meditation.


SYNC Gaia Hug
Synchronized Daily Meditation Time
First 10-30 minutes of any hour

Choose 10 or more minutes in the first half
hour of any hour of the day. Make it a convenient,
regular time to focus, to add your own resonance
to the field. You can be in your own space.
You can choose any practice that helps you to
connect in harmony with the whole world in your heart.
As you practice regularly, you may sense
that others have begun to join you.
This is a simple, effective, global tool
to bring different people all around
the world in sync with one another.
Network this meditation time.
Tell a friend! Pass it on!


Put Light Into Money
Daily Meditation

All Light Workers and men, women and children of
good will, from any religious belief or stand are
invited to join this worldwide global movement.
Please share this widely with everyone. Every time
we have a coin, a dollar bill, or any amount or kind
of "currency" in our hands (receiving it or giving it)
we each FEEL and mentally project as much white
or gold dazzling Light as we can imagine into that
money. Be assured, soon—the money of the
entire world will suddenly or eventually all be
* * *
Additional Links of Interest
Time Stands Still
Impression regarding spiritual workers,
our financial, economic system and money
Being All the Abundance that We Can Be
Insights from The Global Meditation Focus Group
Attracting Money for Hierarchical Purposes
A reflective meditation that is
recommended for use each Sunday
The Spirit of Money and the Divine Circulatory Flow
Articles and Videos


The Mideast Peace Prayer Project
Daily Meditation
5:00pm Your Time

Each day at 5 pm local time, people worldwide
pause to spend a moment in silent prayer for peace
in the Mideast, until peace is achieved. This creates a
wave of prayer washing over the mideast every hour.
Sponsored by the Mideast Peace Prayer Foundation
* * *
Additional Links of Interest
These concerned people from around the world
are providing 2 suggested meditations for
peace and healing in the Middle East.
Your participation is most welcome.
Middle East Crisis ~ What Can We Do?
A spiritual viewpoint and crisis meditations
Pyramids of Light
Rob Schrama presents the idea of a laser light
pyramid which was first meant for Old Jerusalem.
Underneath this light sculpture people transform
their anxiety about a situation in their city into a
positive manifestation for peace by means of
meditation, prayer, song, story telling ... an
inspiring idea that could be realized in every city.


The Peace Everyday Initiatve
Daily Meditation

A critical mass of people meditating daily
will cause a shift in consciousness
towards world peace. This initiative is
a 4-year / 40 minutes a day /
5-7 days a week
Create peace by being Peace.



Ribbons of Light
At your time, any one of these hours:
3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00

Join like-minded people around
the world in a weekly focus for
Global Peace. Provide a positive flow
of energy, for up to 15 minutes,
assisting those in need around the world.
Blog Article
Describes this meditation project and the
significance of meditating at the quarters of the clock.



Create events and/or align
with the site's posted event.

This is an emerging global sensation that
convenes monthly flash meditation mobs in
public places. From a humble beginning of
one group in Austin, Texas in early 2011, they
now occur monthly in over 380 cities worldwide.
Find a location near you.
Start one in your city.



Ascension Meditation
Every Sunday 9:00am PST (17:00 UT)

Make this viral! Share it worldwide!
This meditation helps ground the energy of Light
on Earth. It strengthens the Light grid needed
to speed up the process of Ascension.
Meditation is included.


Global Prayer for Peace
Every Sunday
11:00am Your Time

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar has given
this prayer, which is an invocation to the
Spiritual Hierarchy to round up extremism
and to cause the needed adjustments for
prevalence of peace and poise. This
prayer should be done every Sunday
commencing Feb. 14, 2016 and be
conducted in group form for 5 years,
also with grouping at the thought plane.
Prayer as PDF ~ Prayer Mantra (MP3)
* * *
Additional Link of Interest
Circle of Good Will


Sunday Meditation
Time: At your convenience

A Reflective Meditation for Attracting
Money for Hierarchical Purposes.
* * *
Additional Daily Meditation of Interest
(Found listed above)
Put Light Into Money


Global Meditation Focus Group
Every Sunday 8:00am PST (16:00 UT)
or 12 Noon Your Time

You are also welcome to join in this global healing
work, for a few minutes every day at the top of any
hour. This weekly global Meditation Focus
is designed to focalize meditators around the
world onto situations and crises in need of peaceful
resolution and spiritual succour. "Nothing in the
universe can resist the converging of a great enough
number of united and organized intelligences."
(Teilhard de Chardin)
Includes Relaxation Meditation Timer.


Planetary Peace Movement International
Sunday Audio Meditations
6:00am PST and 6:00pm PST
02:00 UT and 14:00 UT

These two special weekly meditations
lasting one hour each, bless Mother Earth
and every person and being throughout
the Earth. They are preceded by verses
from the "Existence of God is Self-Evident"
by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.
In addition, an audio Planetary Peace
Meditation is available 24 hours 7 days a week.
Audio Full Moon meditations are also offered.
Participate as an individual or in a group.


World Meditation Day[s]
First Sunday of the Month
New and Full Moons

Join in a meditation, visualization and
prayer across the whole wide world to
heal ourselves and the planet.
Lift the consciousness of every being.
Guided audio meditation is included.
If you don’t sit in meditation,
spend the time sending love and
positive feelings to your surroundings.


World Meditation Hour
Every 3rd Sunday of the Month
6:30pm Your Time

This practice, begun in 1978, has spread to
over 90 countries around the world.
Whether or not you know how to meditate
you are invited to participate and
spend 60 minutes of your time radiating
peace, love and care to our world.
Public meditations occur at all Brahma
Kumaris centers world-wide.


Earth Healing Day
Every 4th Sunday of the Month
Noon to 1:00pm Your Time

We invite all concerned planetary citizens
to join together for a power-packed hour of:
Earth healing and cleansing
Prayer, meditation and chanting
Sharing of love for the planet
Create a wave of spiritual healing energy
that encompasses the globe over
a 24-hour time period.
Meditations and suggested
activities are included.
An annual Earth Healing Day occurs on the
Sunday closeset to Aug. 15th at the same time.


Monday - Thursday

First Monday of Each Month
Between 12 Noon-12:30pm Your Time
or Anytime the First Monday

This is a multi-faith global meditation for those
with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Myofacial Syndrome
and related conditions. Carers, friends, family,
medics and healthcare workers also participate.
Your meditation may be any length of time. The
intention is to bring forth the Highest Good.
First launched in Sept 2007, it now has many
hundreds of participants from all over the world.
Each May 12 an ME & FM Awareness
Day meditation also occurs.


Circle of Healing Prayer
Every other Tuesday in 2015

ALL are invited to become part of this circle of
Singing Love, Speaking Love, Praying Love.
There is no cost and you are free to come
and go as you choose. Register and receive
a reminder every two weeks of when the
Circle will happen. You will also receive
a call-back number to listen to the
recording - available for one month.
2015 Circle of Healing Prayer Archive
Password: PrayLove


Goodwill Meditation Group
High Noon on Wednesdays

The purpose of this meditation work
is to strengthen and increase the goodwill
that is in all people, helping to solve
the urgent problems facing humanity.
Meditation outline is included.


One World Meditations
30 minutes
Principal Meditation
Wednesdays-5:30pm-6:00pm PST
01:30-02:00 UT
Thursdays-2:30pm-3:00pm NZT
NZDT begins last Sunday Sept. UT+13hrs.
NZST begins first Sunday April UT+12hrs.

A way of strengthening the planetary network
of light through the creation of 'lines of light'
that circumvent the planet and cross America.
These 'lines of light' are established through
our meditating together in light, and are of
help to the earth and all of her inhabitants.
Suggestions for participation are
offered for those who have no
previous experience with meditation.


Thursday Meditation
Time: At your convenience

A Reflective Meditation in Preparation
for the Reappearance of the Christ.


~ A "New" Way to Pray ~


The Lost Mode of Prayer
Gregg Braden describes a unique type of praying
that can better effect change in our world.
Quantum Healing ~ Feeling Prayer
Gregg Braden gives examples in this video


Praying Peace
James Twyman expands on the Lost Mode of Prayer
and helps reveal peace where it is hidden.


How We Pray
Prayer research is cited.


The Divine Matrix
Gregg Braden describes an energy field that
bridges time, space, miracles, and belief.
Current science and ancient wisdom show
the feelings we create, like prayers,
directly effect us and the planet.


~ Office of Prayer Research ~

We regret that the prayer research
database offered by Unity is no longer
active, due to the director's retirement.


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