Festival of Goodwill
and the Galactic Heart

Background and Introduction

The Milky Way's Galactic Heart

Gemini's Annual Festival in the Heavens

Goodwill Festival Full Moon

5 Significant Goodwill Lunar Conjunctions

Aldebaran / Antares Axis

Gemini's Goodwill Festival Meditations

In Summary


Background and Introduction

The Festival of Goodwill takes place in the spring, at the Full Moon during the sign of Gemini (May 20 - June 20). It is the third of the Three Major Planetary Festivals. In 2016 it occurs Saturday, May 21 at 2:14pm PDT (21:14 UT).

The energies released at the Goodwill Festival are forces of the Divine Will that affect the nations of the world. These reconstructive energies can increase the aspect of national life or they can increase the potency of the objectives of world unity, peace and progress. With the keynotes of goodwill and "humanity, aspiring to God," this festival is also observed as the Festival of the Spirit of Humanity, the Christ Festival, the Festival of Unification and World Invocation Day.

Note: In 2016 two Full Moons occur during the seasonal sign of Gemini, in the bulging heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. The May 21 Full Moon lies near Mars; the June 20 Full Moon lies near Pluto. See map below. The June 20 Full Moon is exact 11.5 hours before the summer solstice, when the Sun enters the next seasonal sign of Cancer. This article focuses on the Milky Way's galactic heart, the May 21 Full Moon and its 5 significant Goodwill lunar conjunctions.

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The Milky Way's Galactic Heart

Journey Toward Its Central Stars!

Image: ESO/Stefan Gillessen et al.

Journey Toward the Central Stars (5.6M) ~ Video of the above Image (3M)

In this unparalleled picture of the Milky Way's heart, stars are seen ablaze around the galaxy’s center. Wavelengths of infrared light were used to penetrate the interstellar dust clouds that block our view of the Milky Way.

After 16 years (1992-2008) of tracking the motions of 28 stars circling the galactic heart, dedicated European astronomers have gathered the best evidence yet that black holes exist and we have a super massive one at the center of our galaxy.

Just as swirling leaves caught in a gust of wind can provide clues about air currents, so the stars' movements reveal information about forces at work at the galactic centre.

The observations show that the stars orbit a central concentration of mass four million times greater than that of the Sun … The galaxy's central mass, long suspected of being a giant black hole, is known as ‘Sagittarius A star’.

The astronomers were also able to measure with great accuracy how far the Earth is from the centre of the galaxy - a distance of 27,000 light years. Daily Mail Reporter

The 1992-2008 European Southern Observatory study used the 3.5 meter New Technology Telescope and the Very Large Telescope - (an array of four 8.2 meter telescopes) for their observations. The NNT and VLT operate from the Atacama Desert in Chile. See the ESO Press Release 12/10/08 for additional information.

Hmmm ... What would our Milky Way Galaxy look like with its bright central bulging heart, if we weren’t stuck inside and could see through the opaque dust with our normal vision? Nobody knows for sure.

Two first good theories, based on many different types of observations, were Milky Way Illustrated and Barred Spiral Milky Way. These earlier versions have been replaced by the 6/3/08 findings, which show two major arms and two minor arms, not 4 major arms. Annotated 6/3/08 Milky Way In addition the stars and material of our galaxy, rather than neatly circling the galactic center as previous maps assumed, are surprisingly tracing an elliptical orbit.

A 180-foot poster, the largest picture of the Milky Way was unveiled 6/3/08. See the Poster ~ Another View ~ Full Story: Astronomers update our galaxy's structure

Gemini’s Annual Festival in the Heavens

Each year the Goodwill Festival, also known as the Christ Festival, links us to the Heart of our Galaxy. Each year the cosmic Heart of the Milky Way blesses the Earth.

This Christ festival is as old as the earth itself. At the time of the solstice full moon a special festival is held in the spirit realms, a ceremony at which Christ the Sun comes among His disciples and pours a special blessing, a tremendous outpouring of love upon the earth, which is light and truth and beauty, which is in fact spiritual food. Grace Cooke guided by White Eagle / White Eagle on the Great Spirit

During Gemini with each Goodwill Festival there is a festival in the heavens. It occurs as the Full Moon enters the white ether of the Milky Way.

The white ether is the level of consciousness where all souls can hold communion with the Son of God, the Cosmic Christ. White Eagle On Festivals and Celebrations

This is the place of reunion, of true kinship, the place of cosmic consciousness. It is a place within the galactic magnetic field. It is from here that we receive an exceptional spiritual outpouring into our hearts from the spiritual Sun, Sirius. This galactic magnetic field carries this blessing to ALL on Earth during this time. Its highest effect is world unity. Audio Version (1:16 minutes)

Each Goodwill Festival Sagittarius, the centaur archer, points his arrow at both Antares, the red heart star of Scorpius, and the Goodwill Full Moon positioned at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, the family of 200 billion stars to which we and our Sun belong. Image The Milky Way is widest in Sagittarius and Scorpius because the great bulging central hub, the heart of our galaxy, also known as the galactic center, is in this direction.

... the Galactic Center surges like a Roman candle of infrared energy. Emanations of infrared energy (IFR) blast down upon us and perform two primary functions on our awareness.

First, IFR opens up the subconscious mind. This opening asks us to release and forget emotional trauma.... Second, IFR blasts open the root chakra in the energy system. This chakra releases the old, regenerates our energy, and lifts us off our duffs with renewed inspiration and a sense of real progress.

The Galactic Center acts like a satellite dish, directing divinely inspired information straight to the potentially receptive gray matter of our brains. If you believe in God, this might be the voice you hear. Regardless, within this connection you have the ability to pull down wild information which you would otherwise have no way of knowing. Phil Sedgwick The Astrology of Deep Space

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Goodwill Festival Full Moon

An Ancient Archer Aims His Arrow ...
Toward the Saturn-Antares-Mars Triangle
Full Moon Exact: Saturday, May 21 at 2:14pm PDT (21:14 UT)
Goodwill's "Galactic" Full Moon Conjoins Mars, Transits the
Antares Triangle
and ... 25 Hours Later Conjoins Saturn
The Waning "Galactic" Moon Activates
the Heart of the Galaxy (GC) and Pluto

Image: Star Gazer graphic made with
TheSky Astronomy Software adapted with Adobe Photoshop

* Printable Image *

east–left, west–right, north–top, south–bottom

The Map above is a southeastern view after 9:00pm, however
it includes the earlier occurring position of the exact Full Moon.
(GC) represents the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
The Gray area shows the bulging heart of our Galaxy.
Moonlight interferes with observing the constellation shapes.

The Goodwill "Galactic" Moon moves eastward, toward the constellation Sagittarius. Retrograde Saturn (Mar. 25-Aug.13) and Mars (Apr. 17-June 29) are both slowly headed westward toward the constellation Libra (not on map). Saturn and Mars form a shape-shifting triangle with red Antares, the heart star of the Scorpion.

The "Galactic" Moon activates Mars, Antares, Saturn, the Galactic Center (GC) and Pluto as it transits the bulging Heart of the Milky Way. Review the map above.

Note: For those living in San Francisco the exact Full Moon is unseen below the southeastern horizon, 2 1/4 hours after 12 Noon. The Moon is located in the same constellation for other parts of the world; this constellation, in differing time zones, lies in a different location above or below the horizon.

In San Francisco the Goodwill Full Moon rises Saturday evening, May 21, around 8:15pm, Mars 8:20pm and Saturn 9:15pm. See Rise/Set Times ~ Major Bodies for your area. Vary the date and time of this San Francisco Sky Chart (mid-northern latitude chart) for any date and time (11:30pm = 23:30) to see a view of the whole sky beyond the veil of daylight or at night. Create a Sky Chart for your area.

The sweeping J-shape of Scorpius journeys along the southern horizon from east to west, and directly behind it follows the teapot-shaped asterism of Sagittarius and telescopic Pluto. Review the map above. By 11:30pm the sprawling "J" shape of the cosmic Scorpion fully rises in the southeast. At 1:30am Scorpius lies directly south and by 4:30am it is setting in the west. Note: The light of Moon interferes with observing the constellation shapes.

May 20-22 Evening Map: Goodwill Moon/Mars/Antares/Saturn

Blue Moon and Mars on May 21 ~ What’s a seasonal Blue Moon?

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5 Significant Goodwill Lunar Conjunctions

Mars, Antares, Saturn, Galactic Heart, Pluto

Review map above for the location of Mars, Saturn, Antares, the Galactic Center (GC) and Pluto. Review map above and use "Back" to return here.

1.) Mars
Lunar Conjunction: Full Moon and Mars
May 21, Saturday, at 3:43pm PDT (22:43 UT)

Goodwill's Festival Full Moon, at the boundary of our Milky Way Galaxy, conjoins Mars about 1 1/2 hours after the Moon's exact Full phase. Review map above to locate Mars and use "Back" to return here.

Mars initiates, moves forward, stimulates physical vitality and evokes death. Mars is the powerful agent of the war of dualities, primarily in the battle of the Soul and personality.

Mars retrograde (Apr. 17-June 29) is in a close approach to Earth and potently influencing humanity. Consider the following.

When action oriented, forward moving Mars is retrograde, its backward motion frustrates us. We are paddling upstream amid a sea of obstacles. It is never a time to initiate anything new - projects, romance or legal matters. Angers and resentments run high. Internal pressures lead to outbursts and explosions. Machinery and computers easily break down. Physical vitality is low. Patience and persistence are one’s allies in dealing with the agitation and disruptions. Culled from various sources / Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know About Mars Retrograde

The Festival Moon and Mars in conjunction at the galaxy's boundary, signifies that the war of the Soul and personality is entering the territory of Goodwill and the Milky Way's river of Souls. Choose Goodwill and the death of antiquated ways in the battle of the Soul and personality. Be patient and perstistent in the battle.

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2.) Antares
Lunar Conjunction: Moon and Antares
May 22, Sunday, at 2:14am PDT (9:14 UT)

12 hours after Goodwill's exact Full Moon, the technically waning Gibbous Moon, which looks Full to observers conjoins Antares. Review map above to locate Antares and use "Back" to return here.

Sagittarius, Antares and Scorpius are heavenly entwined, especially during Gemini's Goodwill Festival cycle.

The Sagittarian Archer aims his arrow toward the Galactic Heart and red Antares, the transformative heart of the cosmic Scorpion, Scorpius. Review map above and use "Back" to return here.

Sagittarius sees the vision for humanity and knows the way to go, toward the all-inclusive galactic heart, toward transformation and goodwill – the qualities of the 5th Spiritual Kingdom, which lead to the evolution of the 4th Human Kingdom so that all Children of God may celebrate.

When the dual forces of the cosmic brothers (Gemini) become the energy of the one who rides towards the light (Sagittarius) then the fourth becomes the fifth. Humanity, the link, becomes the Hierarchy, the bestower of all good. Then all the Sons [and Daughters] of God rejoice. Words of the Old Commentary found in Esoteric Astrology, pg. 356 / page online

Scorpius influences a turning point in the life of humanity and in the life of the individual human being. It reorients the personality to the life of the soul and later to initiation and sensitivity to the Divine Plan. Scorpius is the burning ground and is synonymous with transformation.

Antares, associated with awesome power that can be hideous or sublime, wields the Fire of God and gets one's evolutionary kundalini running! The Scorpion’s “rebellious” Antares and stinger make sure the governing vision of humanity is current, and both align humanity with the expansive, inclusive heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.

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3.) Saturn
Lunar Conjunction: Moon and Saturn
May 22, Sunday, at 3:20pm PDT (22:20 UT)

Goodwill's waning Gibbous Moon, exactly Full about 25 hours earlier, has transited the Mars-Saturn-Antares triangle and now conjoins Saturn before conjoining the heart of the galaxy (GC). Review map above to locate Saturn and the galactic center (GC). Use "Back" to return here.

Saturn is a tough taskmaster who uses limitation, pain, restriction and right timing to expand consciousness. This Lord of Karma stands at the Gates of Initiation ready to put all who approach to the test.

Saturn retrograde (Mar. 25-Aug.13) is in a close approach to Earth and potently influence humanity. Consider the following.

When Saturn is retrograde, our soul also follows an internal process of reflection and it goes back to our roots and initial intentions. Our battle during this process is to make our goals compatible with its objectives, and with our spiritual integrity. Saturn Retrograding by Sandra Alvim

... we have a great opportunity [during Saturn's retrograde] to reformulate structures of belief that may be holding us back and to build new structures that easily support authentic expressions of our true radiant divine nature. Shamanic Astrology 11/05

The Moon and Saturn in conjunction, preceding the Moon's conjunction with the galactic center (GC), tells us that Saturn is the gatekeeper for the Milky Way's Galactic Heart at this time. What is Saturn teaching humanity about goodwill, transformation and unification? Are we learning Saturn's lessons and passing Saturn's tests?

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4.) Galactic Hear
Lunar Conjunction: Moon and Galactic Heart
May 23, Monday, about 5:00am PDT (12:00 UT)

Goodwill's waning Gibbous Moon conjoins the Milky Way's Galactic Center (GC) aka Galactic Heart, about 1 1/2 days after its exact Full phase. Review map above and use "Back" to return here.

Special blessings pour out of the Galactic Heart for the Earth during this time. These energies draw us toward our spiritual source, stimulating the Principle of Goodwill and humanity’s aspiration toward God. These energies support our greater wellbeing and evolutionary fulfillment. They offer us the opportunity to transcend our little selves and manifest our divinity in our everyday world.

Note: The Galactic Center is located at 2 sidereal Sagittarius, which is 27 tropical Sagittarius. Sidereal refers to the constellation and tropical refers to the sign. To understand the difference between the signs and constellations click here.

BTW: Our solar system rotates around the Galactic Center. At a distance of 26,000 light-years from the Galactic Center, the Solar System completes a Galactic orbit in about 226 million years.

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5.) Pluto

Lunar Conjunction: Moon and Pluto
May 25, Wednesday, 7:21am PDT (14:21 UT)

The waning Gibbous Moon of Goodwill's Festival lunar cycle now conjoins Pluto in the bulging heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. Review map above to locate Pluto and use "Back" to return here.

Currently Pluto is also retrograde (Apr.18-Sept.26) and in a close approach to Earth. This means the dwarf planet of death and rebirth is potently impressing us.

Pluto packs a powerful punch in Sagittarius, where it brings unrelenting transformation to humanity's most basic belief structures. Sagittarius the cosmic Archer along with Pluto are leading humanity beyond its mortal limits toward its spiritual inheritance. They are impressing humanity to aim for the spiritual vision that includes the “Whole” Truth and unites us all. This vision is essential to building our future, claiming our true power and realizing our destiny.

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Aldebaran / Antares Axis
Healing of the Nations

Each year the Goodwill lunar cycle activates the alignment that exists between Aldebaran, the star of enlightenment in the constellation Taurus, and Antares, the heart star of Scorpius. The New or young Moon lies near Aldebaran, while the Full or nearly Full Moon lies near Antares. Hmmm ... both stars are red in color. The Source of Life and Divine Will are associated with the color red.

Directly opposite Antares in the sidereal center of Taurus is Aldebaran, eye of the Bull. The Aldebaran / Antares axis is indicative of political systems, their people, and their opposing politics. Aldebaran holds and radiates vision for ideal physical logistics for authorities to put in place so as to aid the peoples of the Earth through evolutionary process and transition. Antares ensures that the current and accepted approaches and visions do not become static or antiquated. Antares ensures growth, evolution and change.

If the Scorpion meets those bullheaded and stuck in their antiquated modality of life, the Scorpion's sting is not far off — hence its classical association with rebellious and destructive forces. Antares keeps the vision of Aldebaran up-to-date by challenging authoritarian powers. When there are rebellious or terrorizing forces assaulting the established order, this reflects the need to realize that the established order is no longer supporting in ways truly nourishing to the needs of the people, and requires some type of reform — reform that if denied, may result in some level of, otherwise unneeded, destruction. Nick Fiorenza

The enlivening of the Aldebaran / Antares Axis during the Goodwill lunar cycle calls for re-evaluation, reform and removal of antiquated governing systems and personal habits that no longer nourish the eternal spirit. The emanations of the Aldebaran / Antares Axis assist the nations of the world in claiming their true power by meeting the needs of the people.

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Gemini's Goodwill Festival Meditations

World Day of Invocation

The Festival of the Goodwill Full Moon is significant in that it brings an abundant tide of love for humanity to use as goodwill in establishing rightful world conditions. It marks a World Day of Invocation celebrating the collective aspiration of humanity to act in harmony with its highest spiritual goals.

Meditate with the folks at
the night preceding the Goodwill Full Moon at
9:00pm PDT Friday, May 20, (04:00 UT Saturday, May 21).
All are welcome to join us in this Global Meditation.

You may also choose to utilize SouledOut's audio meditation within 12 hours before or after the exact Full Moon time: Saturday, May 21, 2:14pm PDT (21:14 UT).

As participants of the World Invocation Day Vigil we will sound The Great Invocation at the start and end of the following quarter hour meditative intervals:

1. Friday, May 20, at 9:30pm - 9:45pm PDT (04:30 - 04:45 UT Saturday, May 21) following SouledOut's Gemini~Goodwill Festival Meditation

2. Saturday, May 21 at 2:30pm - 2:45pm PDT (21:30 - 21:45 UT)
The exact time of the Full Moon this day is 2:14pm PDT (21:14 UT).

3. Saturday, May 21 at 9:30pm - 9:45pm PDT (04:30 - 04:45 UT Sunday, May 22)

Gemini 2016 Global Meditation Invite
Celebrating the Gemini Full Moon Festival ~
The Goodwill Festival of Unification ~ May 21, 2016

Gemini 2016 Global Meditation II Invite
Celebrating the Second Full Moon in Gemini ~
The Goodwill Festival of Unification ~ June 20, 2016

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In Summary

As we again celebrate the spirit of humanity, dedicate ourselves to right human relations and align with the Will of God, our energies are being expanded to include all of humanity, the solar system, the galaxy and the Spiritual Kingdom!

During the Goodwill Festival of Unification, the Archer, the Scorpion, Mars, Saturn, the Heart of our Galaxy, Pluto, the Aldebaran / Antares Axis, and the Gemini Twins are all evoking a new humanity. This aspiring humanity will undergo an initiation and evolution of the heart that will lead to a spiritually infused leadership in our world and a true healing of the nations.

Free your mind, let go of outdated habits, and open your heart to the outpouring of this Festival's special blessings. Allow the will-to-good to enter your consciousness and affect the world.

Gemini and the Goodwill Festival
The Human Kingdom and its spiritual aspiration
are uniquely linked to the fluid synthesis of Gemini.

Divine Destiny of Humanity


Goodwill can transform the world.


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