Ophiuchus Our 13th Constellation

Sol Visits Ophiuchus the Medicine Man Annually
November 30 – December 17


Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer also known as Aesculapius (aa s k l EE p ee aw s), the first doctor of medicine, has the reputation of being the "thirteenth constellation" of the zodiac. Each year from November 30 to December 17 the Sun journeys through the southern regions of this constellation.

Ophiuchus is large, including Serpens Caput (the snake’s head) and Serpens Cauda (the snake’s tail) in his hands. This heavenly Medicine Man is located above, on and actually crosses the ecliptic. Scorpius lies below the feet of this Serpent Bearer and below the ecliptic. Ophiuchus is often shown with his left foot on the heart of the Scorpion and his right foot above the stinger. Images 1, 2

… The neck and head of the serpent reach toward the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis) ... The entire image of Ophiuchus standing upon the scorpion with the snake reaching for the Northern Crown [Image] articulates the process of claiming our self-mastery ... to become ascended in vibration as illumined beings free from karmic entrapment. Nick Fiorenza 11/4/02

Each year, as November ends and December begins, the Sun spends a substantial amount of time transiting the legs of Ophiuchus, hence the claim it is the "thirteenth constellation" of the zodiac or the tenth Sun Sign. The legs of Ophiuchus lie in sidereal Scorpio.

Ophiuchus is knowledge holder over the raw creative forces governing life and death--one who has attained ascension from the lower-order forces that perpetuate our scenarios of (re-incarnational) entrapment. Ophiuchus is exemplar of one who has mastered the initiatory forces of life and who has brought the interplay of these forces to a greater spiritual fulfillment. The neck (Unukalhai) and head of the snake embody the essence and wisdom of living true to soul, in one's true self-mastery--as a Christed (soul infused) being of light.

The astronomical symbol of Ophiuchus is the caduceus--the entwined double serpent upon a staff--the double helix of the DNA. Nick Fiorenza 12/12/04

The double helix of the DNA and the caduceus always remind me of the kundalini serpent fire within each of us. The Subtle System

Planetary Influences

In 2017 from Dec. 8-17, both Venus and Mercury join Sol in transiting the realm of the Medicine Man. Venus, Mercury and the stars of Ophiuchus are invisible in the glaring light of Sol, our central luminary. These energies shine down upon us during the daylight hours.

The Transits of Sol, Venus and Mercury

Use this Map and this Map to help visualize the following:

Sol begins the journey Nov. 30 at the Serpent Bearer's left leg above Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, and continues the journey eastward toward the stinger of the Scorpion.

Venus follows Sol, and on Dec. 8 like Sol begins the easterly journey at the left leg of Ophiucus above Antares. Mercury like Venus begins the journey Dec. 8, however Mercury is positioned just east of Scorpion's stinger at the right leg of Ophiuchus. Mercury retrograde moves in the opposite direction, westward, toward Sol and Venus. Mercury and Sol meet in inferior conjunction Dec. 12. Mercury conjoins Venus Dec. 15.

Sol's visit with the Medicine Man ends Dec. 17, Venus Dec. 20, and Mercury lingers in Ophiuchus until Jan. 7 because of its retrograde (westerly) and later its prograde (easterly) motion through the constellation.

Esoteric Reflections

The legs of Ophiuchus stand in the burning ground of Scorpius the Scorpion. Fiery forces from Antares ensure growth evolution and change. These initiatory fires along with the added powers of Ophiuchus, Sol, Venus and Mercury are bound to ignite the kundalini serpent fire within humanity. The stinger of Scorpius guarantees we stay awake and on the divine path of transformation.


Venus the goddess of love is hidden from our view, in the glaring light of the Sun, from the end of November to the end of February – 3 months. This disappearance has been likened to the descent of Inanna, The Queen of Heaven, into the Underworld, an inner shamanic journey to meet the shadow self and be reborn once again into the Light.

Venus' 3-month disappearance and 10-day visit with Ophichus activates within humanity, a deeply transformative healing process of recognizing and facing the shadow self and rising up with new Life. During this time judgments about past wrong doings and blunders are emphasized. We have the opportunity and challenge to cultivate a new and clearer perspective regarding judgments, one which leads to the dedication and commitment of an open heart. Our new clarity and heart-opening practice allow a greater level of nourishment to enter the heart, thus enabling us to reciprocate from the heart and evolve our world.


Mercury's retrograde begins December 2/3 and ends December 22. During a retrograde, a shift or change of direction takes place. It is best to slow down during these periods of "re" in order to reflect, re-evaluate, review, revise, rework, recharge, renew. Surrender and maintain during the first half of Mercury's retrograde. At this time allow the new incoming cosmic energies to break up the old patterns. During the second half pay attention to emerging new ideas. Afterwards make the needed changes and begin anew.

Mercury retrogrades ... a wonderful time for evolving our communication skills or for clearing issues we may hold within ourselves that distort our highest expression in life.

Mercury's retrograde in Ophiuchus and through sidereal Scorpio brings opportunity to redefine our thought and word patterns by relinquishing or resolving underlying emotional issues that may limit our capacity to embody a greater level of self-mastery, and our ability to manifest the greater fulfillment we may seek in our lives. It can be a time to transmute self-defeating emotional patterns into true passion that makes dreams real. As Mercury completes its retrograde, on the Crescent Moon of the following lunar cycle, we can begin to externalize the inner transition we have made throughout this retrograde period.

Expect an intense and passionate lunar month [Nov.18 - Dec.17/18] with opportunity for a metamorphic transmutation as the Sun makes its passage through Ophiuchus and over the stars of the Scorpion.

Nick Fiorenza / Lunar Cycle Nov.18-Dec.17/18, 2017

In Summary

Sol, the burning heart of our solar system, and Antares the fiery heart of Scorpius along with Venus and Mercury are initiating, inspiring, impressing and bio-illuminating us with the self-mastery of Ophiuchus.

Listen. What are these great celestial beings telling you? What must die? What must heal? What must be changed and created personally, nationally and globally to serve the evolution of consciousness and humanity's spiritual development?

These great beings are teaching us who we really are, Homo Luminous.

I offer the following links for further pondering, if so desired.

The Sun ~ Scorpio ~ Antares ~ Venus ~ Mercury

Solar Bathing

As our Sun transits this area of the sky, November 30 through December 17, take time each day to feel its warm rays touching you.

Know that these solar rays are a medicinal elixir imbued with the healing energies and mastery of Ophiuchus the Medicine Man and the evolutionary influences of Venus and Mercury, and Antares and Scorpius the Scorpion.

Take time to listen while absorbing the warm rays of the Sun. This type of sunbathing is bound to give you a new outlook on Life!

At our deepest level
we are all essentially Divine.
Take time on any day to
acknowledge and act on this truth.
Give thanks that we are all
spiritual beings having human experiences.
Give thanks that we can help
each other create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


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Susan Sun

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