The Winter Solstice

The winter solstice occurs in 2017 on Thursday, December 21, at 8:29 am PST (16:29 UT), when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. This is considered the shortest day of the year for those north of the equator. It's the time when the Sun appears at its southernmost point in its path around the sky. At this time the Sun has the least amount of distance to travel from horizon to horizon, hence the shorter the day. Compare the distance traveled by winter Sun in the image below to the distance traveled by the summer Sun in this image.

Solstice means "Sun stands still." The Sun's path stops shifting far south in the winter and stands still readying itself to move northward (vice versa in summer).

The Sun and Moon at the Winter Solstice

The Paths of the Sun and Moon

At the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere the Sun's annual path across the sky is at its lowest, or closest to the southern horizon, while the Moon's path is at its highest north. The Sun and Moon appear to reverse positions at the summer solstice with the Sun at its highest north and the Moon at it's lowest south. Image

Within each month the Moon has a northern and southern range of moonrise / set points. It is at its highest one day and two weeks later at its lowest. It takes the Sun one year to accomplish this range of movement. This occurs because the Moon makes a full orbit around the Earth each month and follows a similar path across the sky that takes the Sun a year to complete.

Note: The Moon swings its highest for the year near the winter solstice and its lowest for the year near the summer solstice. We experienced an extreme high and low 18.6–19 year cycle in 2005 and 2006 called a lunar standstill season. See Moon Swings ~ Highs and Lows to learn more.

Does the Sun always rise in the east?

This photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis shows the wide swing of the rising Sun. In Athens, Greece the sunrise from southeast to northeast varies by more than 65 degrees. The Sun rises due east only at the time of the spring and autumn equinox. Sun's Seasonal Path

Hmmm ... Why are there 7 shortest days?!?!

San Francisco Sun Data for December 2016 shows there are 7 shortest days, each with 9 hours and 33 minutes of daylight, between December 18–24!

This occurs because the declination of the Sun changes or varies only slightly during the solstices. The analemma, an unsymmetrical figure-8 shape of the Sun’s daily position at the same time, illustrates this concept with its flattening at both ends.

The length of daylight (as measured in minutes) is pretty much the same for several days or more, both at the winter and also the summer solstice. If you were to do the calculations down to the exact second of time, then the shortest amount of daylight would coincide with the time of the solstice. Thank-you James Davis and Joe Rao / Skywatching Columnist for these valued insights.

BTW: If the first days of December feel shorter than the days around the Solstice, it’s because the Sun sets earlier in the beginning of December. Most people gauge the length of a day by the time of the sunset. To find the total hours and minutes of daylight you must know when the Sun rises and sets.

Why isn't the earliest sunset on the shortest day?
This link is bound to expand your horizons.
Warning: You may not achieve full understanding.
Important Concept: The day as measured from true solar noon
to true solar noon exceeds 24 hours near the solstices.
Learn more about solar time.

December solstice brings longest days for whole Earth
Here's another mind expanding article that takes
one into the realms of clock time and solar time.

Spiritual Significance of the Winter Solstice

Global Meditations ~ December Solstice

There are a variety of solstice global meditations occurring at various times during the day. Participate in one or more of these meditations to strengthen the Light Grid of planet Earth. Those living in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are participating in December's solstice meditations.

Solstice Exact: Thursday, December 21 at 8:29 am PST (16:29 UT)

Planetary Solstice Meditation
24-Hour Solstice Period:
12 hours before and after the
exact solstice time listed above.

The Spiritual Hierarchy enters meditation in
preparation for the outpouring of Wesak energies.
You are invited to participate in this receptive
planetary meditation and align with the new
potent cycle of spiritual approach. This 24-hour
period is dedicated to the high meditation taking
place on the inner planes. Join in at any time.
Use a candle or light in a window or sacred
space to represent the spirit being invoked.
This is an opportunity to become aware of
the cosmic energies that are influencing
us and the possibilities they offer
humanity for spiritual evolution.
* * *
Additional Links of Interest
Significance of the December Solstice
The astronomical and meditative timing of this cycle
affects all of Earth and its spiritual evolution.
* * *
Integrate the Powerful 2017 Solstice Energies
Gather in community with Patricia Cota-Robles.
Listen to and download replay.


December 2017 Global Solstice Meditation
Begins 15 mins. before the exact solstice.
OR ...
Choose a time that suits you.

A 30-min. recording of music and simple
thoughts is designed to begin 15 minutes
before the peak solstice time. You may
choose to play your own meditation
music or simply meditate in silence.
After 30 minutes of meditation jot
down your impressions and guidance.
With this solstice we are contributing to
both individual and global enlightenment.
We tap into our own spiritual guidance
and meditation experience, to achieve
the common aims recommended on the
provided soundtrack suggested for our
global meditations this coming year.
Each of us has a key role to play.
Love, no matter what.
Together we co-create and launch the Era
of Illumination, which is dawning on Earth.


Global Solstice Meditation
For the Oceans and the Cetaceans

December Solstice: Anytime

This is a beautiful meditation that
includes stunning pictures,
inspirational words and
18 minutes of wonderful music.
Anyone who participates will be
sending as well as receiving a healing!
Marine Animal Meditation Music by Kauwila


Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation
December Solstice at Sunset

This a worldwide link-up of people supporting
environmental and personal awareness.
It is held on the equinoxes and solstices.
Starting at sunset participants are asked to
play or listen to meditative music
(preferably didgeridoos) for 45 minutes
and then sit silently for 15 minutes.
(Be with us in spirit as much as you can
during that hour beginning at sunset.)
This wave meditation starts in New Zealand,
is followed by Australia, Asia, Arab countries,
Israel, Africa, Europe, with America,
Canada, Middle and South America
completing the world wide circle.
Participants Worldwide
Global Sunrise Sunset Times


Current and Ongoing Global Meditations


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