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May It Seal the Door

Cosmic Doorway

From the center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

- The Great Invocation

Are We to Become the Light of the World?

Why does Evil exist? Does it have any purpose within the larger evolutionary process?

How does the production of Light occur as Evil is eliminated in individuals and in all of Humanity?

We could say that God or the Ultimate LIFE did not create evil, but that it is a by-product of a creation that is not yet finished.

A New Yoga Is Here!

The substance of the Fire of Space directs the human consciousness. …
Certainly the sun ~ the life giver ~ saturates the entire Universe;
but the realization that the streaming rays impart a conscious force of energy
will afford the most fiery attainments. Cosmos demands uniformity of striving in
all things. Sensing the vibrations of the currents, humanity will discover the multifold
creative transmissions of the rays. Thus does Cosmos bestow its treasures. The
substantiation of these treasures is inevitable. Spiritual application should be accepted
equally with the wondrous powerful impulse. Cosmic creation is built upon the foundation
of spirit. A discovery comes in a harmonious fusion with a cosmic ray. The rays from
heterogeneous elements bring immeasurable revelations to humanity.

- Agni Yoga, Infinity II

Which of the Yogas Are You Practicing?

There are many different Yogas or methods of meditation and spiritual practice ~ including service to others, that lead to spiritual liberation. These methods are used by many different traditions and religions, even if they are not familiar with the term Yoga. Most of them are what are called World Servers.

Is there a difference between what Master DK calls a World Server and those practicing the Yoga of Synthesis?

Our Part in Implementing the Divine Purpose

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our wills ~
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

- The Great Invocation

Why Is Humanity Needed at All?

What is the portion of the One Work that all are called upon to assist at this time in our planetary history?

Could it be to assist in the process of anchoring the energy of Will and Synthesis into our Planetary Life?

A Date with Destiny

… the *Laws of the Soul* … are laws concerned primarily with the
establishing of the great Fellowship of the Universe.

- Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations

The Fellowship of the Universe:
Our Humanity has a Planetary, Solar and Cosmic Task!

Are we conscious of the fact that all of humanity will eventually become not only transfigured initiates, but Arhats, then Masters and finally Buddhas! Many taking the higher initiations while still in human bodies.

There are different words in different traditions to explain the various stages of spiritual unfoldment. But humanity en masse is now on its way! So many of our Earth’s humanity now have entered The Path that leads back to The Beginning ... no matter what vehicle is chosen, what teaching, religion, philosophy, or just listening to the Heart and developing the mind.

Our Cosmic Origins and Earthly Destiny

Soul Lotus

Much has been written on the importance of Harmony. We have been told that part of our Planetary Purpose is to provide a training ground for those lives out of harmony with Cosmic Order.  Further that our planet and all that moves and lives therein were created in order to bring about a planetary synthesis and an integrated system whereby a tremendous solar revelation can be seen.

2012 Cosmic Convergence

We all know that the date of 12/21/12 is the marking of a great cosmic event and one in which the Earth and all humanity have a part to play.

In 1987, Meditation Magazine contained the following quote from Jose Arguelles: "The Mayan calendar system is not based exclusively on events of this planet but is in fact a synchronization, again, of this solar system with 6 other solar systems and that the December 21, 2012 date marks the point where there is a major synchronization between the seven systems."

This major synchronization of all 7 Cosmic Centers within a Great Cosmic Life reminds us of the following from Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II, (AAB) p. 426: "When the light of the seven Rays is blended with that of the seventh Ray, then light supernal can be known."

Making Right Choices/Wise Decisions

Some thoughts to share about making wise choices in life.  For those who have put their feet upon the Path of Discipleship, whatever step they may find themselves at any given time, the wisest choice one can make will always be based on Soul Values and not those of personality preferences.


Daily Life ~ Cosmic Mission ~ Parts of One Whole

The Milky Way

Perhaps the following can help us understand just why the Plan for Humanity is vital for the fulfillment of Cosmic Purpose.

As we know, we are life forms within the entire manifested Universe. Our immediate location is within the Milky Way Galaxy ... we might say that it is ultimately THAT within which 'we live and move and have our being' in the largest sense, as well as also being situated within our particular Solar System, and our own Planet Earth. We are told that the Lord of the World is the sole repository of what might be called the personality vehicles of this great Cosmic Life, and that of course means all of humanity is also part of at least the form of this Life as well.

We are part of the working mechanism of a Cosmic Logos and were created to assist with a particular function in His part of the great Cosmic Purpose. This Cosmic Being has been called "the cosmic Creative Center", and of course our Solar System is currently perfecting the demonstration of Love-Wisdom, so our planet will eventually be demonstrating that quality of Love-Wisdom through creativity.

Science/Humanity/World Invocation Day

Some thoughts related to World Invocation Day/Humanity/Science.
As we know, humanity is minuscule in relation to the Cosmic Whole, nevertheless, we are told it is an essential ingredient in the eventual irradiation of matter that is to help our Earth become a "Lighted Outpost" for the Solar System and beyond.  The Soul of Divinity is manifesting through humanity and the Cosmic Tau (or path, route or way) that was created on the higher levels of our mental plane allows the Fire of God to pass through to the lowest levels of manifestation.  That Fire of God must pass through humanity as the bridge to all the lower kingdoms in nature...or every part of the manifested form of Deity.

A look at the Universe/Identification with the Whole

We all remember the remarkable effect the picture of our beautiful Earth from space had on so many...perhaps we are now ready to enlarge our perceptions to identification with the whole of the Universe.

For anyone who might have missed this link from SouledOut's calendar, it is quite amazing! A virtual tour of the entire Universe compiled by two young boys that illustrates what scientists, mystics and masters have been telling us, it's all ONE and we are all connected.

From quantum foam and a single string all the way to the end of the Universe!

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