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Go To The Centre of the Well

In Silent Stillness

what is it deep in the centre


that is asking to be


Unity in Service in Aquarius

Solstice Vertical Path

Even When the Water & Fog Are Cleared….


"Let the magician stand upon the mountain top.

Beneath him in the valleys & the plains,

Water & streams & clouds are seen.

Above him,

the blue of heaven,

the radience of the rising sun,

the pureness of the mountain air...."


from Rule Fifteen  - "A Treatise on White Magic" A.A. Bailey

Hercules, The Mother Remains



the GIFT

Given from the Heart of the Source of LOVE


It can never be destroyed.

Not by Fire




accepting the gift of

Direct Contact


Beauty & Abundance

as an even Greater We;

in awe

And Create a Portal of Welcoming Heart

Fires rage below

Calming waters above;


Water below that overwhelms;

Spirit above that clears.


Gladrielle came with a message:

The boat is in neither one ONLY;

It is in both AT ONCE.

At This 8 8 8 Portal Time

and Invoking

and Clarity of Seeing

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