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Snow Angel


You might have heard by now about some snow that has befallen the heretofore well-known beach communities of Cape Cod and the islands.  I live on one of these islands – Martha’s Vineyard. 

Creating 1854

Cover art for Griots:  Sisters of the Spear, Painting by Andrea Rushing


As I write this article, President Obama is a neighbor, just some miles down the road.

No Immunity

Recently after the world learned of 3 Israeli (including one American citizen) teenagers were killed in occupied territories, a FB friend of mine, someone with whom I grew up but have had no personal contact for close to 50 years, posted a “plead” with all to just stop the hatred.  I’ll call him Hal for the sake of this article.  I do not mean to disparage Hal’s motives, for his heart is in a place of yearning for peace, but I did wonder where was he for these past 60+ years when innocent Palestinian children were being slaughtered by the IDF as collateral damage or innocent Pales

Love in The Mist of Petrified Trees


I am the proverbial tree who has fallen in the woods, no witness, unbowed.  So at the risk of being declared insane, naïve, idiot, dumbass, etc., I fall once again and scream into an ether of desperation – LOVE


Dasha.  Photo by Tania.  Used with permission.

If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution.

So said Emma Goldman more than 100 years ago.  Witness the immortal march towards bliss released in an Iranian spring on the roofs of Teheran.  


Margot Datz and Old Whaling Church Mural by Carl Wendte (1843)
Re-creation by Margot Datz (2014)
Photo by Ray Ewing for the Vineyard Gazette.
Copyright Vineyard Gazette 2013, all rights reserved Used by permission

Christmas in Brooklyn


Torpedoed into the realm of illness.  Shock permeates your vision.  Then you deny it has happened to you.  After all, for almost 60 years you have been a robust, vibrant man who, whatever your faults, still could physically navigate your environment, even one as intense as New York City.  But slowly, you begin to realize you are diminished.  You no longer can keep up with the tide of life.  You withdraw from dreams, hopes and desire.  Your relationships whither and your partner is furious with your biology’s betrayal.  You are dazed by your new statio

Sitting with Mother Meera

Photo Used by Permission of the Mother Meera Foundation USA

In a Moment of Time in a Moment of Space

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
Photo by Miller Mobley for Parade
Used by permission

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