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The Leo Flame Keepers Prayer

Laniakea ~ Amitābha Buddha's Lighted House and PRESENCE


Chalice Invocations from Shore to Shore


"Those who are demanding to be saved have cried aloud.  Their voices penetrate into the formless world and there evoke response.

"Those who in distant eons have pledged themselves to save and serve respond.  Their cry too rings forth and ringing, penetrates into the dark and distant places within the worlds of form.

"And thus a vortex is established and kept alive by the constant dual sound.  And then a touch is made and for a space and during time the two are one--the Saving Souls and the Units to be served.

Reflections on Scorpio's Venus' Rising


It was a couple of years ago...beginning with the Solar Libra season, and the New Libra Moon...Venus was rising in Scorpio.

During this time i had a series of unwelcome sexual "overtures" and a bullying energy that occurred.

I love you.  I'm Sorry.  Please Forgive me.  Thank you.

Invocating to Great Spirit to what in me was "inviting" these "apparent" "hits".

i found myself in front of the Kabbalah Tree of Life...

The Good News in Thomas...."The Twin"



Meditation time with the Living Word

is a Lively place to be

after the Silent attuning

with the Milky Way Crown adjusted into place....~_~


Sharing with the Spiritual Practices and Liturgy of the Church of St. Thomas,

is the discovery that 

Pentecost is in the Season of the Apostles (1).....

And as Advent and Parousia tought us,

Each Apostle is a House of Light...

We are in Thomas' "TWIN"  "LightHouse".....~__~


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