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Look Up! ... In the Company of Heaven

Greetings Sky Watchers,
This lunar cycle, which ends New Year's Day, January 1, turns our vision toward the Light, the Divine Life present in and embracing the physical world. The evolutionary influences and currents at this time turn us away from playing victim, to taking responsibility for our experience and destiny. Passion and power are offered now. Nick Fiorenza's lunar theme article, Immanence, can be reviewed for more insights.

There is plenty to see and spiritually ponder during this time. In the Company of Heaven our horizons expand and all things are possible.

The Solstice Sun
Enters Mother Earth


Look Up! ... Grow the Light

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
December 2, 4:22pm PST marked the start of a new lunar cycle, which ends New Year's Day, January 1, 3:15am PST. I'll begin with a few highlights. The Lunar Theme follows.

November 30 through December 17 the Sun and Comet ISON transit Ophiuchus, our 13th constellation, the heavenly medicine man. During this time solar rays are imbued with the healing energies and mastery of Ophiuchus plus the evolutionary influences of Comet ISON. It's a good time to feel and absorb the warm healing rays of our central luminary! This type of sunbathing is bound to give you a new look! Click the link to learn more.

Dawn's Comet ISON - Early December reports from Sky & Telescope's Comet Updates and found ISON fading fast and now just a cloud of dust. :-(

... it is too soon to rule out observations from Earth as the twice-dead comet moves away from the glare of the sun. Meanwhile, NASA's fleet of solar observatory will be tracking the remains. Stay tuned for more images. 12/1/13

There Goes the Sun! For observers near 40° north latitude the earliest sunsets and shortest days of the year are in season. In San Francisco the earliest sunsets occur December 1-12 all at 4:51pm and 7 shortest days, 9 hours and 33 minutes of daylight, take place December 18-24. The latest sunrises in San Francisco occur January 5 + 6, 2014 at 7:26am. Check out the Sun Data for your area. This is caused by the tilt of Earth's axis and Earth's elliptic orbit. Apparent solar time (sundial time) is shifting with respect to mean solar time (clock time). Learn More

Lunar Theme: Immanence  "This lunar cycle is the first occurring in the action quarter of the 138-year Uranus-Pluto cycle of Revolution and Revelation that began in the mid-1960s ... it impels some what a fresh start in an entirely new energetic and octave of evolutionary currents ... This New Moon lies in the constellation of Ophiuchus and ... conjoins Antares, Heart of the Scorpion ... Antares marks a point of immanence for those who have graduated from playing the victim in life ... who have learned to take responsibility for their experience and their destiny. [This New Moon] is of passion and power." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Here's a definition of immanence.

Venus Is at Breathtaking Brilliance Now!

Image: Sky & Telescope

Look Up! ... A Most Potent Cycle

Hello Sky Gazers,
November 3, 4:50 am PST marked the start of a new lunar cycle, which ends December 2, 4:22 PST. This cycle began with a New Moon solar eclipse and several potent planetary placements that created an "extremely significant, dynamic and intense" new beginning for humanity, a revolutionary turning. Click the lunar theme link below for more details.

Lunar Theme: A Revolutionary Turning "This lunar cycle is pivotal, one of the most potent in years. It is exceptionally inspirational for profound personal transformation ... The New Moon Eclipse, occurring in mid-sidereal Libra, conjoins the stars of the Southern Cross and those of the Northern Crown, inviting us to live from the equipoise of the pure intent of our souls ... several extremely significant events occurring within this eclipse lunar cycle ... create a primary turning ... into the several-year period ahead, one of demonstrable action catalyzing revolutionary change in many facets of human society." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Hmmm: During this lunar cycle the spiritual eye must be open to live from the "equipoise of the pure intent of our souls." During the previous cycle we learned the third eye or inner vision is a directing agent, a spiritual guiding force, the instrument of Divine will. It is responsive to and reveals love-wisdom in one's life. The inner eye opens when thoughts are heartfelt or are quieted. Allow the mind and heart to work in harmony by focusing thoughts in the heart. Stay positive. Be still and know.

Venus and Crescent Luna Are Breathtaking!
Eye Catching Venus Visits Sagittarius the Archer

Image: Sky & Telescope

Look Up! ... Eyes, Eclipses - Endings, Emergence

Greetings Sky Watchers,
Friday, October 18, marks the day of a Full Moon lunar eclipse with Luna at her "Full" Potential 4:38pm PDT (23:48 UT). This lunar cycle has been stimulating our intuition and premonition. These higher mental capacities more fully awaken with the Full Moon. The lunar eclipse has us reflecting on endings, culmination points and major changes. Which bonds do we strengthen and which do we release? Check out Pumpkin Moon? ~ Hunter's Moon? for more. Keep all eyes open to know the way to go and grow!

As a result of focused thinking ‘in the heart’ the spiritual eye opens and becomes the directing agent. - Alice Bailey/Discipleship in the New Age II ... Online Text

Libra Festival Full Moon Global Meditation ~ Fukushima Full Moon Global Meditation

Morning Mars
Sunset Venus
Image: Hubble Heritage Project
Image: Magellan Project, JPL, NASA
Image Description
Image Description

Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies

Look Up! ... Open All Eyes!

Hello Sky Watchers,
October 4, 5:34pm PDT marked the start of a new lunar cycle, which and ends November 3, 4:50am PDT. The heavens are presenting us with a variety of celestial delights and planetary treats during this cycle. Sunday, October 6, at dusk there's a challenging binocular observation. The youngest, whisker-thin Crescent Moon dances with Mercury, Saturn and Venus. If you're up for the challenge, this map and text are helpful. Approximate set times: Mercury 7:35pm, the Moon 7:45pm, Saturn 8:00pm

Draco the Dragon comes alive with fiery breath (shooting stars). Look Up! Monday evening, October 7, is predicted to be the best time to watch the Dragon. Map Draco holds the key to eternal life. Will his fiery breath enliven your Spirit?

Lunar Theme: Intuition & Premonition "Our New Moon ... lies in sidereal Virgo and over Corvus, the Raven Messenger ... The stars of this area of the zodiak excite higher mental capacities such as clairvoyance and telepathic awareness. They bring emphasis to our need to have astute moment-by moment attentiveness to messages expressing through the natural and every-day world around us ... this fore-vision is so we may act accordingly in the present so we can meet, in preparedness and at the right time, future events that are already precipitating into our reality ..." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Venus and the cosmic Scorpion also underscore the birthing of intuitive discernment during this lunar cycle. Hmmm ... One's third eye shows the way to go!

Young Luna Dances with Venus and Fiery Antares
Venus Blazes in the Burning Ground of the Scorpion
Where Can You View the Belt of Venus?
Find the False Dawn of Omar Khayyam

Image: Sky & Telescope

Look Up! ... Harvest the Light!

Greetings Sky Watchers,
Luna is at her "Full" potential Thursday, September 19 at 4:13am PDT (11:13 UT). For Northern Hemisphere observers this is our Harvest Moon, occurring 3 days before our autumn equinox and 2 days before the International Day of Peace. During these days many will be gathering to meditate and celebrate. Strengthen the Light Grid by participating in one or more Global Meditations at this time. Harvest the Light by serving the greatest good!

Harvest Moon
Full Moon Exact: Thursday, September 19 - 4:13am PDT (11:13 UT)

Image Credit: David Haworth

Look Up! ... Two New Cycles Begin

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
September 5, 4:36am PDT marked the start of a new lunar cycle. September 5 also marked the High Holy Day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. These potent new beginnings provide an opportunity to transform and transcend the past and tap into the sacred unknown, to be receptive to that which divinely influences our present manifestation on Earth.

We are now in the time following two lunar cycles that have established a connection to Sirius our Spiritual Sun and its greater evolutionary and extraplanetary forces. With the expanded Sirian alignment we are strengthened in the Light. As these two new cycles unfold in the following days and weeks, a potential, our divine blueprint, is enlivened within. We need only recognize this divine essence and call upon it as we move forward in our lives.

Our New Moon ... lies in sidereal Leo, at the Hind of the Lion ... under the auspices of Mizar of the Great Bear. This area of the zodiac is about creative motive ... also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda ... it invites us to look beyond ... smoke screens and to attune to and act upon more transcendent evolutionary currents guiding our lives. Mizar is of fiery energy ... conducive for developing new creative projects ... those intended for public presentation ... events of a grand scale ... This lunar cycle engages a crescendo of intensity ... Actions taken now, over these immediate few months, both personally and globally, can be critical, as they set up significant currents that can define our course over many years ahead. - Nick Fiorenza / Lunar Theme: Grand Spectacle & Transcendent Evolutionary Currents

Experience a New Moon and New Year, Rosh Hashanah, mystical and sacred 2-hour healing space by clicking Gate of Unity.

Crescent Luna Dances with Two Planets
Venus Dazzles Our Eyes and Lifts our Spirit

Image: Sky & Telescope

Look Up! ... Cosmic Blue

Greetings Sky Gazers,
Luna is at her "Full" potential Tuesday, August 20 - 6:45pm PDT (01:45 UT Aug. 21) during the Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival II. This 2nd Full Moon in the sign of Leo is an opportunity to deepen contact with the Sirian force––to fully connect with extraplanetary energies and strengthen our group alignment within the greater evolutionary context. The folks at invite you to participate in the Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival Global Meditation II.

Sirius~Leo Festival II Full Moon Conjoins Neptune
Seasonal Blue Moon
Image: different2une
Image: NASA / JPL

Full Moon Exact: Tuesday, August 20 - 6:45pm PDT (01:45 UT Aug. 21)

Look Up! ... Dubhe, Sirius Stimulation

Greetings Sky Watchers,
August 6, 2:51pm PDT marked the beginning of the new lunar cycle that ends September 5, 4:35 am PDT. We are now in the time between two Sirius ~ Leo Full Moon Festivals (July 22 + Aug. 20). Together we hold the high interlude, the sacred pause, for this two-part cosmic event. The August 20 Full Moon is an opportunity to deepen contact with the Sirian force––to fully connect with extraplanetary energies and strengthen our group alignment within the greater evolutionary context. The folks at invite you to participate in the Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival II Global Meditation.

Sirius reappears during this lunar cycle. Our brightest star in the heavens first briefly reappeared heralding the morning Sun August 7, the day after the New Moon. Sirius gets easier to see each following morning before sunrise. When will you see Sirius? Hmmm ... It's auspicious, as if Sirius is becoming more present in our physical world as the lunar cycle unfolds.

Big Dipper of the Great Bear Constellation Ursa Major
The Dubhe-Sirius-New Moon Connection

Image: Jerry Lodriguss

Look Up! ... A Portal Is Revealed +

Greetings Everyone,
This lunar cycle, which ends August 6 continues to give us messages about our evolutionary course and fulfillment. July 29 a sacred geometry forms a portal for Earth's safe passage. With two meteor showers in the works you'll have plenty of chances to wish upon a shooting star.

Earth's Grand Sextile Portal ~ July 29, 2013

Image and Grand Sextile Insights: galacticSpacebook

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