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Look Up! ... Saturn / Mercury Retrograde, A Comet!

Greetings Everyone,
Saturn our Lord of Karma, a tough task master, and Mercury the messenger of the gods are both demanding we slow down and go within. Their apparent backward motion in the heavens insists on a review and re-evalutation of our lives.

Look Up! ... Orion Rules the Winter Night

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
February 9, 11:20 pm PST marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle that ends March 11. "Our New Moon ... lies in late sidereal Capricorn where the constellations Aquarius and Capricorn overlap. ... These stars express a progressive and fortuitous energetic, often associated with good tidings, especially regarding business dealings and legalities. They impel articulate expression and are action oriented. ... Dreamtime can be extra-revelatory in this lunar cycle. Our Last Quarter Moon can motivate a life-changing turn."

Look Up! ... Jupiter Catches Our Attention

Hello Star Gazers,
January 11, 2013 marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle that ends February 9/10. "This [New Moon] area of the heavens is of lofty ideals, multi-spectral inspiration and extraterrestrial vision. It inspires creative action from passion and enthusiasm for our greater ideals and long-term vision."

Look Up! ... The Days Are Holy

Hello Star Gazers,
December 13 marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle that ends January 11. "Our New Moon stars invite us to embrace the harsh lessons of life, and to let them serve as the elixir that allows our transmutation into illumination."

Look Up! ... Jupiter At Its Best +

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
The order of our lives continues to be tested by the lingering energies of this lunar cycle's two eclipses, which "... dredge the past, wrinkle the present and challenge the perceived order of our lives." (Jacqueline Lasahn) The heavens are demanding a new level of self mastery.

Look Up! ... The Order of Our Lives Is Challenged

Hello Sky Watchers,
A solar eclipse inaugurates this lunar cycle Nov. 13/14. The New Moon totally hides the Sun for observers in northern Australia and the South Pacific and partially hides it for those in most of Australia, all of New Zealand and the South Pacific. A solar eclipse is a supercharged New Moon.

Look Up! ... Apple Cart Overturns, Rebirth

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
As this lunar cycle comes to an end, superstorm Sandy and Venus in close proximity to Spica, the brightest star in Virgo the Virgin, add emphasis to the Lunar theme: "Overturning the Apple Cart, Motivation for a New Birth." Hmmm ... New York is known as the Big Apple.

Look Up! The Heavens Are Hallowed

Greetings Night Sky Travelers,
Two Full Moon nights, October 28 + 29, increase the chances of North Americans seeing an orange October Moon. An act of kindness during this time is bound to lift spirits. The exact Full Moon occurs Monday afternoon, Oct. 29 at 12:49pm PDT (19:49 UT).

Look Up! Luna’s New Cycle of Planets & Stars

Hello Sky Gazers,
The new lunar cycle that began Monday, October 15, 5:03am PDT and ends Tuesday, November 13, 2:08pm PST, “heralds the need for drastic change in concert with the revolutionary and revelatory Uranus-Pluto Square. [ * ] “ Rebirth is in the air. Lunar Theme: Overturning the Apple Cart ~ Motivation for a New Birth

Look Up! New Luna Grows, + More

Greetings Everyone,

The new lunar cycle, that began Saturday, September 15, 7:11pm PDT and ends October 15, 5:03am PDT, is motivating us to seek a deeper level of fulfillment. A second Uranus-Pluto square * occurs during this cycle, 9/18-19. It helps us dismantle things in our lives that do not serve our greater truth and fulfillment. Lunar Theme: Seeking the Cup of Fulfillment

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