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Look Up! … 5 Planets, Moon Dances +

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
The New Moon of August 17 (8:54am PDT) lies under the head of Leo the Lion and the hind legs of the Great Bear, among the stars, which “are of exploration and discovery, of uncovering maps and codices hidden by the sands of time, of seeking new land about to emerge from the æther and through the mist obscuring our sojourns through life.” Our intuitive process helps us break trail into the unknown during this lunar cycle.

Look Up! ... Tuning to Sirius +

Greetings Sky Gazers,
Luna is at her "Full" potential Wednesday, August 1 at 8:27pm PDT (03:27 UT 8/2) during the Sirius ~ Leo Cosmic Festival. This is the time for our soul light to become aware of the spiritual light emanating from Sirius. According to ancient teachings, the concept of freedom resides in human consciousness because of the influence of this star system.

An Artist's Impression of Sirius A and Sirius BImage

Look Up! ... HU-man Aroused! + Mercury Retrograde

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
The Sirius ~ Leo Cosmic Lunar Cycle, beginning July 18, 9:24pm PDT and ending August 20, 8:54am PDT, is awakening humanity to the greater Whole and in turn to its divinity, which encompasses the All-ONE. The HU-man, aka the God-man, the Christed One, Homo Luminous, is being Aroused!

Look Up! ... Venus at Its Morning Best 7/6-16

Greetings Everyone,
Venus at its morning best continues to influence us and amaze students of the sky.

It's been over a month since Venus was seen crossing the disk of the Sun. A gestation period in the solar light, and a birth into the morning sky has occurred for Venus, since her inception by our central luminary. Now the planet's morning emergence and fullness of light is on the increase.

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