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Planets and stars, all the way to Mars, and much, much farther...

The little Rover, Opportunity, landed on Mars in 2004 and is still working, this little bot is the ultimate energizer bunny. Opportunity has found the telltale signs of water on Mars. In the course of its travels, over 20 miles, Opportunity has found iron and magnesium minerals that on earth are known to form in water. Scientists think that water once gushed through underground fractures on the planet. The latest find is of the mineral calcium sulfate, gypsum is what we call it back here on earth. The scientists involved offered this explanation. The Martian crater that the Rover is exploring was created after a huge object from space crashed in to the planet, gouging out the crater, and the rising ground water transformed the crustal calcium and sulfur into gypsum. Wow water on Mars!

Meditation Impression ~ Full Moon of Scorpio, 2011

This impression was based on the SouledOut meditation for full moon of Scorpio, 2011.

As we went into meditation to receive the light of Scorpio... when I saw the light, there was a slight blueish tint to the sparkling white light. This surprised me, in the moment, my mind quickly made the association with the great star Sirius. It was diffidently the light from Sirius that was pouring through during this mediation in Scorpio.

Meditation Impression ~ Full Moon of Libra, 2011

The following Impression is based on the SouledOut Full Moon Libra Meditation of 2011.

The idea that the Light of Libra brings peace and calm is so much needed in my life and in the world. The events in my life for the last two months have been a little, and some times a lot, on the bumpy side, difficult and challenging. People around me that are vibrating at different rates, getting upset or in conflict. Others, that I just observe in the world going off over what seems to be an insignificant thing with so much energy... This calming, peaceful energy of Libra is so welcomed and allowing it to pervade within me, I find that place of balance.

Meditation Impression at the Full Moon of Aries Festival, 2011

The following is based on the Meditation and the SouledOut website materials for The Festival of the Risen One, April 2011.

As we rose up sensed the Light of the First Festival and my connection to it and all those present. Then I sensed we passed through a layer that was noisy, like static on a radio that is not on a station. It was something I rarely experienced during our monthly full moon meditations. It did dissipate, but it said to me, that it was about the level of anxiety, nervousness and even fear that was being felt by many on our planet. As we rose I felt an increasing calmness.

The quote today on the calendar

I just loved the quote for Sunday, the 21st.

We transcend the illusions of body and mind, and the separation perpetuated by these illusions.
In this dimension, we re-discover the nature of Love for the One Spirit, of which we are all a part.
- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

It is truely in the spirit of Pisces. The limits of form are revealed and this wisdom releases the indwelling soul.

Love and Light,
Ted J. Rucker

Shamballa/Wesak Festival, Taurus 2009 Impression

As we rose to meet the light I sensed greater numbers present and that
we as Light Workers for Humanity were focused in a new and higher place.
Our focus was shifting from the Wesak Valley, which had been such a
spiritual highpoint for us, to an ever greater co-operation with
Spiritual Hierarchy, and our mutual connection to the energy from the
High Place, Shamballa.

The Light we were already radiating was very potent as was the Light
from above. I saw two lights within the Light. The Light of the Buddha
and the Light of the Christ. Interesting, I sensed clearly their energy
but did not see or sense their forms, as I had often had in the past at
Wesak. The energy of the Buddha was present. This great being had
stepped down the energy from Shamballa time after time at Wesak,
bringing the Light of Illumination to our world.

Aries 2009 Meditation Impression

As we came together united in meditation for the Full Moon in Aries, there was a sense that more souls were aligned and participating at this, the Festival of Easter, than ever before. I sensed too that things were changing, in flux, in our world and in our relationship to the Hierarchy and Deity. Things were changing even in how we view and participate in the three major Spiritual Festivals.

Each year, at this, the first festival, I sense an enlivening in the Life. It is like an energy boost. I, we, know that this festival does have a special place in the Life. Our relationship with the Spiritual Hierarchy is evolving, and it is the beginning of our spiritual year, the time of renewal, growth and the rising. The circle of life turns on, yet it is an ascending spiral. We are rising!

March 2009 Pisces Meditation Impression and our preparation for the Spring Festivals

The following is an impression I received during our meditation at the Full Moon in March, in Pisces. I am sharing it now because it speaks to the Spring Festivals and our future work.

Love and Light,
Ted J. Rucker

In meditation at the full moon in March I found my sacred place within
the great Global Grid, the Chalice. In moments I was one with my fellow
assembled Light Workers. Soon I felt a great upwelling of energy. I was
searching for a word that describes the feeling and it was "liberation".
I felt freer, and certain things that at times I think are important,
truly fell away as we lifted. I felt awakened, alive spiritually and

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