The Lord our God is One

The Messengers of God are One

The Masters are all Messengers of God.
And when we listen Closely to out teachers words,
We find it is their deep Love of God
That joined them to Him to be able to bring
The Word of God to humankind.

The words of the Masters all worship
The light that is from the Source of all.
It is the light that has enlightened the ones who have been lifted up
To the Fire and has merged man and God.

The Love of the One God is what drew all of the True Servants of God to dedicate their Love to him.

Celebrating Light, Love and the Power of Will to Restore the Planet Earth

"So today....I am trying to Rest in phenomenal Connections of PRESENCE AND COMMUNION filling the Place where the Old Devotion Lay....

On the Island next door to me is a Recycled Residential School...
Only recently did I learn that beside the building is a mass grave of children and at least one catacombed in it's walls.....

i want to Imagine me celebrating this healing there...

Bringing in the Field of Plenty....

around the Table of Christ...amidst the bones.......

The New Baptism.....

The New Drawing together in Peace Full Impression."

Aligning with the Avatar of Synthesis and the Avatar of Silence

Gracious and Holy Source & Mystery,
Let your gentle awakening impulses
of Electrical Current
Connect us to the One Mind of the One Life.

Fill & Heal the needy fearful WindEchos
of the Abandoned Child
with the Glory of the Divine Child
at Rest without diminishment
among all other Divine Children of the Earth.

May the Electrical Consciousness of
"Higher Universal Mind"
and the inner Focus of Uncreated Light
give birth to Humble Learning and Silence in Relationship.

Anchor the awareness of the
Peace that Passes all Understanding
in the
Love of God which Embraces,

Blue Solar Monkey...companions in the journey

The Mayan Oracle - Return Path to the Stars" by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner -

Blue Monkey is your Conscious Self - who you are and who you are becoming.

Gemini~Goodwill Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The Goodwill Festival full moon during Gemini occurs on June 15. For the 2011 annual spiritual cycle, our meditation focus theme is based on "Embrace the Unknown ... Fulfillment of Purpose."

All who participate in's Goodwill Festival of Unification Global Meditation
are invited to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Knowing Our Purpose Reveals Our Direction
Knowing Our Direction Reveals Our Purpose

Sunday Impressions



Dear Buddah….
You are a Reflection of Our Self!!

That The Stillness within your Inner Presence
Allows me to experience the actual RESTORATION of the Earth starting in Etheric Levels is amazing to me….

i see the Storms of the Earth and Jupiter, from the elliptical waves of Blessing….

The Storms of the Transcended Consciousness awakening within
Like the "storms" of Brain Neurons firing!!!

Signs of Manifestation

"For certain devas the path of service lies in guarding the individuals of the human family; others act as protectors of the sacred spots of the earth. Still others preside over the atmosphere and control the streams, rivers, and seas. Any time we perceive life, we see the devas at work ... transmitting the energy from the sun (prana) to all life forms.

The Merging

The Merging

Oh, The Sweet Merging of Minds
That leads to see beyond
What is known.
To allow the imagination to be sparked
and the Vision Born.
To join the Loving of the Beloved,
To Open the Heart to be able to Give,
With all of the Devotion
That comes from the One Source of Creation.

And What is Life
But a merging, A giving and a Receiving
Of these precious Gifts
Of Love and Light.
All Brought into being
By Believing,
By Understanding
And Allowing
Your Life to be In God’s
Omnipresent Hands.

From Whence you Came,
To Where you Shall Return

Missouri Tornadoes ~ Power of One Vigil

Please join in a Power of One vigil for all those affected by the storms and huge tornado that happened May 22, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri.

May this service assist in overcoming the losses of so many, and with the needed restoration.

The Power to Love

The Power to Love

Receive in the deepest realms of the Center of the Heart,
The Power to Love and Be Loved

To Love with the Sweet Grace of God.
To understand with the Faith of Divine Trust,
That this Love is your Purpose,
And Your Protection.
And it will Allow you to Be Open to
The Light that is the Radiant Energy that
Carries the Transforming Presence of All
that is the very Core of Life.

This Light combined with This pure Love
Is alive in the Eternal Christ
And is your Holy Connection to God.

Give Great Thanks by Sharing
This Light and Love

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