2011 Keynote Impressions

Graphic credit: Heidi Smith

In January we at meditated together to invoke the Keynote for 2011, and the following impressions for the year came through:

Embrace the Unknown
Fulfillment of Purpose

End Selfish Desire


Meditation Impressions ~ Pisces Festival 2011

The Pisces Festival full moon occurs on Saturday, March 19.

All who participate in's Pisces Festival Clarity of Purpose Global Meditation Focus
are welcome to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Identified with Divine Consciousness, Aligned with Cosmic Will
We Leave Our Father's House and Turning Back, We Save
Manifesting the Consummation of Pisces


With all the blogs on money, I wanted to Celebrate that I just received Word that I am to get a substantial amount of money that can support me for 6 months. And this is A WEEK before Rent and utilities are due.

Thanks be to God.

A lot healing has occurred through this process of praying for Financial provision for Lightworkers including myself.

Thank you for all the readings, and support in holding to the GREATER PICTURE and SOURCE OF MOTIVATION for Financial interchange.


New Zealand Earthquake ~ Hold a Holy Space for All Those Affected

Please join in a Power of One vigil for all those affected by the earthquake in New Zealand.

May the greatest good assist with overcoming the losses and with the rebuilding to come.

Sunday, Feb. 20th Impressions

There have been a number of times in the last week, focusing on connecting myself to the "field of Plenty Grid" and receive the emowering Polaris stream
that I have found myself praying in the Middle East.

This morning, as I read the Staya Center article by Phillip Lindsay, I once again mourned the division between the Islam and Judaic faiths....having the same Patriarch.

We Rise by Kneeling

"To invoke the Law of Compassion is our service. In calling it to mind we begin to see the "Truth" of right human relations ~ that God ever loves us and we ever love God and each other. We are One. With this understanding we can express love, building the foundation of our human family." (HN)

"In times of seeming chaos, great difficulty and tension, the loving heart of God has transmitted a divine message or energy to us. This energy impelled by the Law of Compassion gives humanity the needed expression of a divine idea which illumines a world problem.

a question of Path V

The Ray Path V energetics was described as the person having INSULATION around their energy field outwardly represented by the OUROBOROS.

Are there any techniques to increase the insulation factor of our fields to minimize any intensely negative energies leaking to others....??

I was hoping to activate it by meditating on the picture I found at:,

but feedback from a friend has suggested I need something more effective.

If anyone can give me some net sources or personal techniques I'd appreciate it.

Thank You.

Meditating with Body Chemistry

"The Light of Aquarius ~
The Light that Shines on Earth, Across the Sea

This is the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone."

This is certainly a New Way of Beginning Life. i started planting Seeds of SHALOM Consciousness for Peace deliberately as such on the Aries New Moon 2010.

Compassion as Making Sacred Self Wholly Holy

"[T]his week marks a turning point - halfway between Solstice and Equinox. At this cross-quarter, t
he Celtic Goddess Brigit is our ally
in weaving the precious webs of life
and tending the bonds of community.

Sun and Mars travel side by side in Aquarius....until Feb 8.

This is an unabashedly bold, strong-willed and uncompromising aspect that fuels aggression, competition and fighting for ideals. Look to what is being activated in your life.

~~ Cross-Quarter New Moon Seeds of Inquiry and Action ~~

Where am I drawn to "break the rules" of my conditioning?

Meditation Impressions ~ Aquarius Festival 2011

The Aquarius Festival full moon occurs on Friday, February 18.

All who participate in's Aquarius Festival Clarity of Purpose Global Meditation Focus
are welcome to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

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