Meeting Chintamani Mahakala

It's been a while since an Avatar in the Spirit Realms was introduced to me.

My first, was Kwan Yin. My family and I had decided to do something different one Thanksgiving Sunday. Sunday rituals were done by 1 so we had the whole afternoon. We decided to ask a Couple to join ex and two daughters. We went Roller Skating, and then headed to Chinatown to do Thanksgiving Supper with a Dim Sum difference.


"Your mind is your instrument. Wherever you focus your mind will be enlivened. The call to arms is on the inner planes to the group of world servers to hold this ground."

Seeking Peace Amdist Financial Uncertainty

I am asking for your prayers today. In the midst of this gift of being able to write and share my journey, and despite my efforts at "detachment, dispassion, and discrimination" I'm feeling some deep grief.

I have a need to describe my 'relationship' to the world, because it is so small on a physical level and so huge on a Spiritual level. It is not easy to share the "less than" places within....and yet this is where I am at, so it is where I need to begin.

The Morning After....

That was a profound purge of Concern for me yesterday. Thank you for giving me a Healing Space with which to declare the concerns of my Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Your healing page with the 6 pt star is so beautiful, it is itself the healing you intended. Thank you for all the GRACE you channel through here. I am feeling profound gratitude well as Vulnerable.

There is a great vulnerability when getting in touch with terms of terms of the GRACE involved being part of an unfolding of Christ Incarnate upon the earth.

My....that got a response....~_~

Blessings of Peace, Of Light, Of Unity, Of Understanding be with each of us.

I spent time yesterday morning, with "the principles and laws of the Kingdom of Souls", and while my 'country pastor mind' boggles with differences between Spirit and Divinity, the Unanimity of it all prevailed.

Post full Moon reflections....

Good Morning....

I have been deliberately "tuning into" Betelgeuse at my heart and Sirius for my head....One of the "prayer" "techniques" that I find nourishes me on many levels is praying in the BATH TUB !!!! I often "see" myself in Communion in caverns of mineral springs that I have only heard about and I know exist in B.C. north of Nelson....or in ancient "women's rites" where mineral springs were a deep source of Spiritual nutrition.

Aquilla Blessing

Then Moses went up to God; the Lord called to him from the mountain, saying,

"Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob, and tell the Israelites:
You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on EAGLES' wings and brought you to myself. Now therefore, if you obey my Voice, and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession.... Indeed the Whole earth is mine, but you shall be for me a priestly Kingdom and a Holy Nation. These are the words that you shall speak to my people.

Exodus 19(revised)

As an Eagle stirs up its nest,
and hovers over its young;

A White Rabbit at the PORTAL of a FULL MOON

Different images and energies are revealing themselves. Yesterday Morning, as I went inward to the Core of the Earth, within myself, I found myself finding Gaia's HeartBEAT....As I experienced a kind of Generating Circulation of Energy, I was reminded of Betelgeuse. I have been praying about how to "awaken the STRENGTH OF Gaia's consciousness" to help her help herself with Humanity's acts of desecration that have disconnected her from herself. And I go Inward to my own awareness of Gaia, while tuning into a place beyond the Pass not ring....I don't know how I know this and yet it is SO.


(Revised Meditation on Doubt from the "Gates of Prayer", The New Union Prayer Book.....Central Conference of American Rabbis)

"Cherish your Doubts, for Doubt is the Handmaiden of Truth.
Doubt is the Key to the Door of Knowledge;
it is the servant of Discovery.

A Belief which may not be questioned binds us to error, for there is incompleteness and imperfection in every belief.

Doubt is the Touchstone of Truth; it is an Acid which eats away the False.

Let none fear for the Truth, that Doubt may consume it; for Doubt is a testing of belief.

Electricity and Obelisk

2006 was when I first began getting images of THUNDERBIRD and "seeing" His WINGS gathering electrical CHARGE....that summer I had about 3 electrical blow outs, and a local power outage. As I began to check out some stuff around this I came across the Nova dvd on Magnetic storm and began to realize it's significance in the Auric Field.

In 2007 I began to have an awareness of "being Singed" etherically.
When I happened upon ALEX GREY's Sacred Mirrors card of the Psychic body,
I realized that the nerve like endings in my field and been burned out of "receptivity"....

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