2011 Keynote Impressions

Graphic credit: Heidi Smith

In January we at SouledOut.org meditated together to invoke the Keynote for 2011, and the following impressions for the year came through:

Embrace the Unknown
Fulfillment of Purpose

End Selfish Desire




Divine Alignment, Divine Realignment

Truth in Service, Alignment to Purpose

Freedom and Liberation

Receptivity to Divine Inspiration

Revelation ~ Things will be revealed


We and the Father are One

Gratitude for Artwork


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Joy and Blessings!
The Creators of SouledOut.org



found your blog yesterday and was greatly surprised to find my artwork here. I'm thrilled that you like it. I'd be even more thrilled if you had asked to use it. In which case I would have said Yes! But I would have sent you a signed version so that if anyone else wanted to use it they would know who to ask.

Would you be so kind as to discreetly write my name on it and my email address?

It should read like this:

Heidi Smith