....Manifesting the Consummation of Pisces

"Those who dedicate many lives to this path and follow it to mastery become

"... the Custodians on Earth for God’s Plan for our planet and for humanity.

By what name we call these Beings does not greatly matter. The Christian believer may prefer to speak of Christ and His church, and regard Them as constituting that great Cloud of Witnesses Who guarantee to humanity ultimate salvation.

The esotericists of the world may call Them the Masters of the Wisdom, the planetary Hierarchy, Who in Their varied grades are ruled and taught by the Christ, the Master of all Masters, and the Teacher alike of angels and of men.

Or we can call Them the Rishis of the Hindu Scriptures, or the Society of Illumined Minds, as in the Tibetan teaching. They are ...

the aggregate of perfected humanity who have followed in Christ’s steps and have entered for us within the veil, leaving us an example that we should do as They have done.

They, with Their wisdom, love and knowledge, stand as a protective wall around our race, and seek to lead us on, step by step (as They Themselves were led in Their time) from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, and from death to immortality."

Last Wednesday, Gale Force winds welcomed Venus moving into Aquarius in my part of the world. i've been watching to see what this energy is doing with all the Pisces Action, and the Season of Purification upon us.

Gale force winds, meant without power for 12 hours....no ferry, no mail,.... an Island in Silence.

i found myself reading "Mountain of Silence"....an easy read to get the Essence of Byzantine Divine Unity Process....reminding me of My Own Christian Path of Esoteric Sciences.... of Prayer and Liturgy....When i responded to Guidance to "leave the Church of Jesus Christ" i did so reluctantly. The Worship in Cycles of the Christ Centred Calendar has great power for Unity with the Holy for me.

i have had to let go of prayer and meditation as Spiritual Discipline the way I used to do it .....and something new is starting to be born....

My prayers since last Wednesday, have had me petitioning for more Ecstatic Union with the Divine....the Joy that Is beyond Circumstances....RAPTURE....

i have cried unto the Lord for COMMUNITY TO PRAY WITH....~_+.

In the process, noting the Byzantine rite again coming into my Consciousness first through Mechizedek's Icons, i have begun to seek out the net for Byzantine Liturgy and Chants for this Season. The first one i downloaded was the Cherubic hymn above.

The first time i listened to it, i was astonished to find a similar chant resonance to the "Sacred Healing Chants of Tibet, performed by the Monks of the Gaden Shartse Monastery.

Yet the Byzantine Sound takes me into the Centre of Personal Christ Experience and CELESTIAL PRESENCE...which is FOOD FOR MY SPIRIT.

i am rediscovering the Power of my own Spiritual Heritage, and Science of AT ONE NESS ....experiencing it on a whole different level out side of Institutional Walls and Separations from the WHOLE.

As though this is nurturing MY MUSICAL NOTE OF ALIGNMENT for the Symphony of the Spheres of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness....

i have been having such a profound awareness of The Sacred Prayer Community in the Spiritual Realms that Ecstasy is with me on so many levels...

Around the time of the Leo moon, i gathered my images that I borrow from souled out's meditations, and images of Jesus, Melchizedek, Archangels Saints etc....Icons of High Frequency for my "Screen Saver".....My "Screen Saver" has become Invocation to the Cloud of Witnesses that Gather to Pray with Us and Guide Us to the Unfolding of Divine Consciousness in every Cell of Gaia's and our own individual bodies.

i mention this because i began to realize how this is an Aquarian manifestation of the way Byzantine Monastaries are painted....painted with Sacred and Powerful ATTUNEMENT Images.... so one is Surrounded by SACRED PRESENCE PHYSICALLY.

The whole "devotion to Saints" is attuning to Presences OF LIGHT BEINGS in the "higher Frequencies and in Chiros "Time" to help the "petitioner" find his or her own way to Union with the Divine.

Adding this to the Byzantine Chants i feel guided to play, my frequency and "clearing" is Increasing quickly.

i began to get just how high frequency my place of prayer has become with all this Celestial Realm Participation, when my girlfriend came for Our Weekly Ritual last night on Ash Wednesday. She was doing major clearing the moment she crossed the Threshold....stuff that we usually warm up to, she was peeling off before she got past the door into the living room....~_~

i used to dread Lent.....the way of the Cross and Sacrifice leading to Resurrection and AT~ONE~MENT with the Spirit that Makes all things New....one of those necessary spiritual disciplines to take advantage of the Gifts of Grace in the Season of Resurrection....

This year, i approach Lent with Joy ready to grow, prune and Make way for more of the Divine Light and Aligned Logos Will ....

accompanied by a Strong Experience of the Communion prayer:

"Therefore with Angels and Archangels,
And with all the company of Heaven,
We laud and magnify thy Glorious Name;
Evermore Praising thee and saying....

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts,
Heaven and Earth are full of Your Glory,
Glory be to thee o Lord most high

Blessed is the One that Comes in the Name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the Highest."

The Comfort of the Divine Communion of "Celestial" support is Palatable.

Consummation with the BODY OF CHRIST the
more Deeply i Seek At~One~ment to Divine Source....

Communion with the Body of Christ, not just the Church of Christ.....

Yet i am still being fed by the Gifts of Christ's Presence that the "CHURCH" has given the world....chants and liturgy and Spiritual Season.....

Finding Consummating Harmony in the Celestial Realms does wonders for the Soul.

Thanks be to God.