Japan Earthquake and Tsunami ~ Hold a Holy Space

Please join SouledOut.org in a Power of One vigil for all those affected by the earthquake in Japan, and the ensuing tsunami.

May we invoke the needed assistance to be provided for all, in order to overcome the losses and for the rebuilding to come.

let's pray for them

We really need to help our Brothers and sisters in Japan,Pray for what had happened last month, the shocking disasters in their lives where there live stocks and families were affected by the earthquakes were too far inland to cause major tsunamis and as we see the Japan situations, where there's an inflation and lack of food supplies, let's pray for them.

Meditations for Japan and Articles of Interest

Recommended resources for working on the inner planes to assist with the most high outcome for the crisis due to and following the March 11 earthquake in Japan ~

Masaru Emoto Ceremony for Fukushima Nuclear Plants, March 31 ~ Video
Masaru Emoto encourages offering prayers of love to the water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

Earthquakes, Earth and You
Maureen Moss on birthing Love, in the wake of the Japan crisis

Thich Nhat Hanh: Message to Friends in Japan
Unity of all humanity in this challenge

Dissolving Our Fears
Carole Parrish on assuaging fear resulting from recent events

How to Serve Humanity ~ Divine Harmony Meditation
To invoke balance between humanity and nature

Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami 2011
Esoteric Astrologer Pisces commentary

Prayer Vigil for Japan
Wave of Prayer
March 14-21, noon your time each day

Blessing Meditation for Japan ~ Video
Healing Meditation

Restore Balance in Japan and Mother Earth
Hopi Call for Prayer

Idealist ~ Watchdogging Radiation Events
Where will the radiation from the Japan reactors travel?

Japan, Radiation, and its Health and Spiritual Implications
Practical ways to protect from radiation

Breakdown to Breakthrough is Possible Now
Astronaut Brian O'Leary on nuclear energy and the need to move into newer, clean technology

Nieuwe tsunami footage
Astounding video of the Japan tsunami breach

Ways to Help ~ Japan Earthquake

Organizations accepting donations to serve those affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunamis

Habitat for Humanity

Peace Winds Japan


Save the Children

World Vision

International Medical Corps

Mercy Corps

The Red Cross

Impact Your World ~ Resources on How You Can Help

You may wish to check on charity validity at

Tsunami Help

Support in Raising $100K for Doctors without borders working in Japan
Follow RMC (http://rmcinc.co/f). They are donating $1/follower this April.