All of the Songs of praise are carried
On the soft winds of a far greater Love.
A love that is the flame within,
That burns from the Heart of the One.

The soul feeds the Fire of the Call.
To receive the Gift of Communion.
To be carried to the Light
That transforms
As does night to Day.

For there is a New day that is dawning.
And it is more powerful than the Ancient fears
That have held the world in darkness,
For it is from the Creators radiant Light.
And it will give us a new vision
Of how Heaven can be brought to earth.

And with the New Day comes a birth
of the Bliss of God’s Love
As we become the living Chalice
That holds the nectar of the Holy Spirit.
And it feeds our thirsty Souls
And fills our hungry hearts with the Truth
That we have been waiting to hear.

So that we may believe
In the Promise of the Blessings the Master has given.
we are Here for.
And as a Children of God we sing Praise for the
Dawning of a new and brighter day and are
Transformed by His Light and Love.