Shamballa/Wesak Festival, Taurus 2009 Impression

As we rose to meet the light I sensed greater numbers present and that
we as Light Workers for Humanity were focused in a new and higher place.
Our focus was shifting from the Wesak Valley, which had been such a
spiritual highpoint for us, to an ever greater co-operation with
Spiritual Hierarchy, and our mutual connection to the energy from the
High Place, Shamballa.

The Light we were already radiating was very potent as was the Light
from above. I saw two lights within the Light. The Light of the Buddha
and the Light of the Christ. Interesting, I sensed clearly their energy
but did not see or sense their forms, as I had often had in the past at
Wesak. The energy of the Buddha was present. This great being had
stepped down the energy from Shamballa time after time at Wesak,
bringing the Light of Illumination to our world.

Now I saw the Buddha Light all around me, thousands upon thousands of
Buddha Lights, flowing, glowing moving all around. I knew then that the
Buddha Light was within us. We had been so infused with the potent Light
he brought to our world. The energy, that he blessed us with at Wesak
over and over again, now was a living light radiating from our very
center. We are the dedicated transmitters of Buddha Light.

Now the Christ Light shined more brilliantly and within it I felt the
love of Deity. The Light revealed a greater sense of oneness between
Humanity and the Hierarchy. The Light both blessed and called out to us.
It blessed the work that was being done, the creation of a great channel
that Divine energy may flow through to our world. It called out to us to
do more! This is our work, this is our service, our way is illumined. We
are the Light, we are the Way.

Love and Light,
Ted J. Rucker

Always in the SoulZone


Thank you for your impression of the Wesak Festival. We also held space and went into a meditation and saw thousands of souls in the valley. I was touched when I saw the faces of others that I know - the Group and teachers and all. This place is Holy and the sensing of its purpose profound, but also there was such a nice feel to actually see faces of the attendees. Yes, you and others we know were seen. The Event and the Light of Buddha brought about a joyous celebration with lots of smiles. The message that continues to come back to me from that day is three-fold: 1) We were there, present!, 2) This place and the event are relevant to humanity’s purpose, and 3) Keep on, keeping on.

We all have a mission (plan and purpose) and for me knowing that the direction is to keep going is reassuring.

Love, Joyful

PS. When I did a reread of my post, I noticed I put "medication" rather than "meditation." hmmm.... I guess you could say that there are times they can be interchanged! Too funny.