The Sleeping Fire

The Sleeping of Fire Commitment

The Sleeping Fire of the Soul’s Commitment
Holds the Yearning Heart softly in it’s hands.
The Passion of the Burning Light
Beckons the life to awake to its true calling.

Oh, Sleeping Caterpillar,
It is time to emerge from your cocoon
And spread your wings and fly.

Only fear holds you back from giving
Yourself totally to God’s will.
Only false security tethers you to the life you have led.
And to be open to doing
What must be done to serve the will of God.

For complacency is a Block to be exposed.
And when you choose Not to choose
You close the door to the next level
To carrying the Cross of humanity.

And while you can live life hidden Behind the Invisible Cloak,
You cannot hid from yourself, and you work
In a limited capacity of discipleship.
You have the opportunity to open your heart and Soul
To join with the Ones who have chosen to work together
In the Light of Day.
To speak the truth of who they are.
To live as an initiate of God’s Son.
And to be committed to the direction of the soul’s calling.
Awaken the calling of the fire of God’s Passion.
Awaken the Heart’s path
Of the love that leads you to the joyous union
of Heaven And Earth in the emergence
Of Christ’s Consciousness in humankind.