While you are Here

The Power of the Energies of the Wesak Festival Is Present.
Thank You Davita for you inspiring Message!

Here's my Morning Message
While you are here

While you are here
Let the Fragrance of the Flowers of heaven
Fall upon your senses.

Let your Heart Be intoxicated by the Joy
That comes with the union
of God’s Love with Humankind.

Let your Self Know
That you were Meant to be here
Upon this Blessed Earth.

And that with the Guidance
Of the Divine teacher,
You may learn to have the Strength
It takes to walk through the World,
And while seeing the Truth
Still able to accept how much is yet to be done
To bring heaven into Being here on Earth.

But, Oh, the path of the Christed one is worth it.

Believe it is so.
Pray with the Ones of the World
Who can bring this Great Love into being.
So God’s light can energize
and clear the path for the waiting ones.

For Behold, the New day is Here.
And the Joy of the Highest is Alive eternally.
And God’s Light shall prevail over darkness,
Through the Love lived here on earth.