The Merging

The Merging

Oh, The Sweet Merging of Minds
That leads to see beyond
What is known.
To allow the imagination to be sparked
and the Vision Born.
To join the Loving of the Beloved,
To Open the Heart to be able to Give,
With all of the Devotion
That comes from the One Source of Creation.

And What is Life
But a merging, A giving and a Receiving
Of these precious Gifts
Of Love and Light.
All Brought into being
By Believing,
By Understanding
And Allowing
Your Life to be In God’s
Omnipresent Hands.

From Whence you Came,
To Where you Shall Return
This Journey is Blessed by the Remembrance
Of the Divine Reflected in you always.
Til you are Merged into the Whole.
The journey , the reflection,
The Giving and Receiving,
the Love and the Light,
the Source and the One.

Dear Cindy.... Thank you for

Dear Cindy....
Thank you for The Choices you have made on your Journey....
for Your commitment to the Light and Love of the Source of Life....
Thank you for Sharing your Loving Light with us here....

The Words that you Write and Live, are Gift, Sustenance, and Joy.

Meegwetch, Sister.