The Lord our God is One

The Messengers of God are One

The Masters are all Messengers of God.
And when we listen Closely to out teachers words,
We find it is their deep Love of God
That joined them to Him to be able to bring
The Word of God to humankind.

The words of the Masters all worship
The light that is from the Source of all.
It is the light that has enlightened the ones who have been lifted up
To the Fire and has merged man and God.

The Love of the One God is what drew all of the True Servants of God to dedicate their Love to him.
When we worship we merge with the energy of our teachers hearts and minds. We are drawn to our teacher, as our teacher is to God’s Sacred Energy.

All of God’s teachers who have reached enlightenment have found this Truth.
And they have understood this way to bring humankind together.
Yet with the Separation imposed by religions to limit the oneness
Of all, the rules and power of allowing only one teacher has been enforced. This has caused many to believe their teacher is the only way to God. And that all religions other than theirs are false religions.
So much Separation and misunderstanding has happened from this
Believe. So much hatred and violence has been done in His Name.
The Masters of Light all work together in the Light
That is from the One source.
All of the Many different paths that humankind follows lead to the One God.

We may choose the teacher that holds forth the true Way for us,
The way that leads from darkness to light.
From hatred to Love, from Chaos to beauty and peace.
And when we come to the perfect Energy of the Master,
We may just glimpse the Power that way is guided by.
And find it is always Guided by God.

So Love your teacher, and the teachings.
And understand your teacher would always have you Love God as the One Holy Source of All,Just as they do.

Pray with the Masters for God’s will to be done, in Heaven as on Earth, as they do.
Pray for the Journey together of humankind in peace, that will indeed be possible when we see we are all God’s children.

May the Radiant Rays of Light Guide us to a the Way to find
All of Humanity could be advanced if we just allowed each persons path to be led by their teacher and their teacher is led by God.
That we can work together in this way for Goodwill towards all people
And all religions as One.
With One Love and One Light
we may see we are all One with God.
And our Lord our God is One with all.