Meditation Impression at the Full Moon of Aries Festival, 2011

The following is based on the Meditation and the SouledOut website materials for The Festival of the Risen One, April 2011.

As we rose up sensed the Light of the First Festival and my connection to it and all those present. Then I sensed we passed through a layer that was noisy, like static on a radio that is not on a station. It was something I rarely experienced during our monthly full moon meditations. It did dissipate, but it said to me, that it was about the level of anxiety, nervousness and even fear that was being felt by many on our planet. As we rose I felt an increasing calmness.

An idea that we used in the meditation, of the Light both Illuminating and nourishing was very real to me. I felt the Light nourishing us in a way that I had not experienced before. The elimination of the static noise and the anxiety, seemed to be about the purification process we go through. I did feel clear and centered now.

I sensed the Will of Divinity. It started like someone gently giving me a little push, in a certain direction. As I looked all around me it seemed that all present were pushed at the same instant, and we were all moving toward a distant point. It was like the guiding push of a parent full of love and yet firm. Divine Will expresses itself as Love here, and I was feeling the Love.

This was a reminder to me about not just experiencing the Will of Divinity but identifying with it. In my own life I have been very busy on the physical plane. I have taken the time to meditate and become still, which is good. But this mediation was a reminder to align with the Will of Divinity, and in that we can focus on the larger Plan and Purpose.

At the Festival of Aries, which takes place at Easter, I sense a great upwelling of energy from those that practice the Christian Faith/Religion. It was there, but it seemed more universal this time.

There was a sublime calmness now, and I felt very free. Then everything became very clear too, it was like when you focus a camera just right. It was a steam of clarity, it was the Light of Shamballa and it poured in and through us. I turned to both sides and even looked behind me, and I saw Spirit working in things I did not see or experience initially. It was unifying, seeing more clearly the continuum of events and Spirit working in my life. It was a great gift.

Then my mind opened further, and I sensed a greater feeling of oneness with all present. The connectivity that I just seen in my own life spread out like a web of light connecting me to all those present. In that instant I felt that everyone looked at me in the same way. I truly felt free from judgement and that which divides and separates us. That our collective vision was illuminating, revealing further our essential and enduring Unity.

Love and light,