Harmony of the World

Dear Friends and Co-Workers:

The impetus for writing the following came from meditation at the Full Moon and also what one co-worker wrote recently: "I would propose to nourish in this time the fiery relation or formula that associates the Ideas of Purpose with Harmony..."

Many of us are beginning realize that the Purpose, which some believe to be Union with that which is higher, either Cosmic, Solar, or Planetary cannot be achieved except though Harmony. And, of course, we are all aware of the significance of Goodwill, Right Human Relations and the Will to Good in our own lives.

As we know, Harmony stems from the Heart and is connected with the Buddhic plane and confers straight knowledge or Wisdom that penetrates to the meaning behind events, and later leads us upwards to discover the significance behind it all.

We have been told that our Planetary Logos holds a unique place in the cosmic scheme of things, for He it is Who provides the training ground for those lives who are out of harmony with the cosmic order. Further that our Planetary Logos has incarnated on this planet in order to help redeem it and all the life forms within it. Not without reason is He called The Great Sacrifice. The Soul of Divinity is manifesting through the human kingdom to effect the transformation of the world.

We recognize that our little Earth has a vital purpose in Cosmos as outlined by The Mother Mirra "The formation of the earth as we know it, this infinitesimal point in the immense universe, was made precisely in order to concentrate the effort of transformation upon one point; it is...to make it possible, while working directly upon one point, to radiate it over the entire universe. ...the creation and the history of the earth...is a good symbol of universal history." Most esoteric students have become well aware now of the possibility for Earth and its intended Destiny of becoming a Lighted Outpost in the Solar System and beyond, unless we mess it up!

We can think of the technique of Chinese acupuncture in treating a vital point in the whole body in order to heal it. The entire body is not worked on, only that one vital point in order to bring harmony to the whole, or Cosmic Redemption. Perhaps our little planet is of more importance to the Whole than might at first be realized. We are helping to make of our Earth a Lighted House.

For those who have achieved harmony within themselves, it becomes an obligation to share in the redemption of the planet and to help humanity recognize, experience and begin to create harmony in all of human life, thence to the lower kingdoms. We know that the energy of Synthesis at-ones the pairs of opposites thus eventually creating harmony. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the Avatar of Synthesis approaches our planet at this time during the inauguration and unfoldment of the Aquarian Age. It is only through this synthetic thinking that harmony of all the diverse parts becomes a possibility and the Great Illusion of separateness can be vanquished from the consciousness of humanity and an identification with the Whole filtered down into the minds and hearts of all. So it seems that Purpose, Synthesis and Harmony are vitally related.

We are charged with the responsibility of bringing harmony to the World, but can only do so once we have achieved it within ourselves. If we fail at our task as Planetary Saviours and destroy ourselves and our Planet, Divinity itself will not be destroyed, but all the effort and time that has gone into building this microcosm of the Whole will have been in vain, and perhaps Cosmic Purpose will be greatly delayed or hindered.

The achieving of Harmony on our Planet is now possible with all the awakening that is going on within humanity and our job is to help make it grow in every area that we can. Whatever Ashram we are working with, whatever kingdom of nature we are called to assist, when we help to create Harmony....we help with Cosmic Purpose! It gives new meaning to such things as preservation of natural resources, animal welfare, women and children's rights, and so many other worthy endeavors that are ongoing and assisting in creating Vital Harmony. There is no room anymore for arguing about what Teaching is the Right Way; what Method works best, What is the True Path, etc. because the Cosmos doesn't care! If we do the job we have been created to assist with, The One Humanity will become harmonized into a viable unit that will further Planetary, Solar and Cosmic Purpose.

And a quote from another co-worker:

"Transmutation is accomplished when that divine note of harmony inherent within love is applied to the lower frequencies of the form. That note strikes the true note of the form, calling forth from its many parts an harmonic response. Thus, the form is tuned, so to speak, its many parts one to another, and its total to the Divine Purpose for which it was created."
- Creative Thinking, by Lucille Cedercrans back cover / p. 455