Gemini ~ Goodwill Festival Meditation Impressions

This cycle around the Goodwill full moon, what it's been saying is "Make Room for More Love." Not yet sure about any of the practical aspects of this instruction, as to how, when, where, etc., yet the directive is absolutely clear ... and most welcome.

6/6 Sat 9pm Meditation
There was a sense of agitation due to major change occurring, from a more predatory energy that is resistant to evolution into an experience which is joyous and humane. The noise comes from the ungroundedness the change is causing — it required intense focus invoking peace to come in and through. Many are seeking the path and everyone's coming together initially is causing cacophony as all the diverse paths converge. A hookup was made to the plane of spirit and then a field of deep blue enveloped everything and everyone on the side of light.

6/7 Sun 11am Meditation
At the full moon, a cosmic hookup was made that literally adjusted Earth's "spine" and Humanity's kundalini channel became open and sincere. There was a strong male energy which is cooperative and hungry for the fruits of goodwill, and it is moving forward in a cautious, deliberate manner. A blessing came through for all Humanity — that whatever is required for service to the One, is being provided. Leading into the moment of the full moon, some of the dissonance present carried a sense of frustration and anger that then evolved as the Christ let loose the spiritual energies so that a softer song of creativity and love being shared in balanced in even ways came through.

Something is being impressed about ring-pass-nots and the crisis of inclusiveness ... that we may open to the new ideals and let go of all that is not needed. It is time to be all the more discriminating and to keep our "shields up" rather than our guard, down.

6/7 Sun 9PM Meditation
Tonight there is the sense of synthesis and an awareness that the energies distributed at the time of the full moon are being assimilated. This united group spirit is an amazing force, in its combined effort I became cognizant of the ring-pass-not we are responsible for creating and enforcing, and what an important service this is for all of Humanity to progress.

Mostly there was a sense of Blessings from on high, an assurance that our very oneness is magnetic to whatever and all that shall be needed for the cycle to come. Harmony and cooperation grow and as these energies expand, the old, separative ways are being replaced according to the Law of Ancient Dominating Good.

We rise! We know! We serve!

As I went into meditation for the Goodwill Festival, I was struck by the quiet there is in these realms. It is not because they lack energy, for they are full of Light and Energy. There is an efficiency and a certainty about the energy, as opposed to the noise and chatter that is so often loud in the physical world. We are so blessed to have these realms go to and work in.

The Light from above shines down upon us and we rise to meet this place it is easier to see the fact that we are both Spirit and Matter, and to see how our human condition connects the two. The awareness of this duality fills our collective mind and we can see, and find that perfect point of balance, of Spirit and Matter. I then saw a line that passes through the realm of Spirit as well as the realm of Matter again connecting the two. We are consciously developing a greater the facility to move freely along this line.

Like "Pairs of Opposites" on the Great Wheel of the Zodiac... there is Leo and then there is Aquarius. They too are linked in us and we have learned to move easily along this linking line. At different stages in the Life, we need to be more of an individual, as in Leo, other times we are immersed and working in group, Aquarius. So it is with Spirit and Matter, there are times when we need to be very much in our bodies and doing physical things, and others, like now, we are needed as Spiritual beings. I can so clearly see the connection that we have, and the amazing facility we are developing to work in these realms.

I easily saw the perfect rose within us. Then I saw the perfect rose above us. In that instant I realized they were, in fact, the very same rose. We are one in Love. The Love was all encompassing, and it was, the perfect embodiment of the blending of Spirit and Matter.

Then I saw two columns of light blending, one from Humanity and one from the Hierarchy, and spiraling upward. Then from above a beautiful and potent column of light spiraled downward. They met and wove together perfectly becoming a pillar of light, which in turn became a channel for the Divine energy to flow. As the energy poured through I felt the Love of the Christ and Divinity, and they blended with our collective Love.

The Love from above had a different quality, there is more will. It instructs us as to "The Plan and Purpose" and demands of us to know our part in the Divine Plan. This Love brings with it a great responsibility, to use it, wisely and well. This is "Good-Will"

In these perfect moments with Divine Love filling us a sound can be heard. Some hear it as a beautiful bell, others a deep and potent chant, as Heavenly voices, or music of the spheres. This sound is the great clarion call to serve, to serve in the name of the Divine. It becomes more and more clear to us passing through the The Festivals again and again that we are here to Serve. We are rededicating ourselves to service, to bring this great Love into our world.

Goodwill Festival Meditation Impression

Goodwill Festival Meditation Sun.6/7/09

With so much stress and negativity going on in our world today, I was pleased to came out of meditation relaxed, with feelings of well being and relief for humanity as a whole.

I felt that very soon, our whole way of living would change permanently and most dramatically for the better. This is not the generally held thought.

The relief I felt was the result of a falling away of the fears, anxieties and separative beliefs that humanity has been experiencing for a long time.

The gap that this leaves in our lives will be filled with great happiness, which will release tremendous energy within us all and will awaken our creative talents that have been suppressed and hidden for so long.

Problems that seemed unsolvable will disappear. The ability to enjoy a vibrant and spiritual life will increase exponentially

All cultures, all ethnicities, all religions, and all nations will be affected as humanity moves into its natural state of full divine consciousness.

The vibration of humanity and of planet Earth will change quickly from its present one of anger, fear, hate, and confrontation to one of love, acceptance, compassion, and renewal.

The new Golden Age is about to dawn on us all and cooperation is the key, Heaven on Earth is the plan. We are all one.