God's Lifeline

The Living Lifeline

And through this Life experience,
The Ultimate gift is to be able
To Yes to Love, and Embrace life,
With all of it’s many radiant imperfections.
And see the Perfection of God’s Love
Existing within the seed of each soul.

Each being just waiting to be found,
To be understood,
To be loved, for the Truth of who they are.
Just As God Love’s them with unconditional Love.
Each Soul holding a seed of life planted here to exist
In this earthly experience,
Did God know how the dream and illusions Can dim the Light
and how lost we can then become.
Yet, still born of a Spirit waiting to shine in Time,
To be polished like a Diamond by this energy of Space.

And deep in our soul we are trusting
in Love’s Lifeline To pull us in.
and while we might not feel ready or worthy
to recognize this kind of love,
some spark of spirit still refuses to give up
and allow the darkness and despair
to devour our hearts prayer.

For there is the lifeline that bring us a vision
of that shining beacon guiding us to the distant shore.
The lifeline that will bring us the radiant Glory
And holds our answered prayer.
And it is the promise that we recall when we serve
As the living lifeline that is One with God’s way home.
And the Miracle of miracles
Is we all have that lifeline of love in our hearts
And we all become joined as One
when we Choose to Say Yes
to the Love that is our lifeline to God.