WCW News ~ Subscribe to Receive Postings by Email


Some of WeCycleWisdom's active posters have requested that if possible, they can be notified by email of new Articles and Comments.

We hope this feature will create a more dynamic experience for all who wish to participate in this aspect of SouledOut.org. Indeed, everyone's contributions are most welcome here, in sharing the group meditation focus .

Below are instructions how to set your Preferences to subscribe to the postings you'd like to receive by email. BE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO ASSURE THE CORRECT SETTINGS ARE IN PLACE.

1. Once you are logged into WCW, click on "My account" under your name, in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
NOTE: When you click on "My account", the new window will replace this one ... so if you can, "Open Link in New Window" ... or else you'll need to open this page again to view these instructions in a second window.

2. A new tab "Subscriptions" is available, click it to access.

3. The first of 4 tabs entitled "Overview" should appear in black while the other tabs names are in turquoise.

Then click on the black arrow just to the left of the words "Delivery of notifications"
Select "Yes" if you wish to subscribe to receive postings, then "Save"

Then click on the black arrow just to the left of the word "Settings"

To receive email notice of new content you have created, select "Auto-subscribe to new content" and to receive Comments you post, select "Auto-subscribe to comments".
NOTE: Unless you wish to receive a notification each and every time you update (edit) an Article or Comment, leave "Auto-subscribe to updated content" unchecked.

You may also want to check "Notify poster of own posts" or "Digest mode" which are available just underneath.

Under "Preferences" you most likely will want "As soon as possible" however there are additional choices in the popup menu that you may consider instead.

As you prefer, can select "On updates" and "On comments" as are available in the Preferences section.
NOTE: if you do not wish to get notices whenever an Article or Comment have been updated, need to uncheck "On updates".

Under "Visibility of controls" you may either hide or make visible your settings, as you prefer.

Be sure to "Save" your choices

4. Select the third tab entitled "Blogs"
This is where you can choose which Users' Blog articles you wish to subscribe to.
Checking the top box (to the left of the word "Subscriptions") will subscribe you to receive articles by all publishing Users.

Be sure to "Save" your choices for this tab, as well.

Alternately, if you wish to Subscribe only to receive email notices for a particular article, a new "Subscribe" feature appears at the end of each article text (assuming you are logged in).
Note: for this feature to appear, you must click on the article title so that it appears on its own page rather than on the Home page of WCW.

If any of these instructions don't work for you according to the above, or if you have questions regarding WeCycleWisdom, please email us at WeCycleWisdom@SouledOut.org