Cosmic Union; Planetary Purpose and the Plan

Infinity I, 93. "A concordance of actions is called a real union. Cosmic Union will direct all creative forces in the future; this is the principle upon which the new manifested world will be founded..." Helena Roerich

As students of the Ageless Wisdom we are taught that there is one Boundless Immutable Principle from which the manifested Universe in all its successive gradations appears. Once in appearance, the forms are evolved and perfected, imbued with consciousness and eventually returned to that Source which issued it all forth, only to be breathed out again at a later time. This is Cosmic Union. This principle of creating, perfecting and eventually destroying that which was created so that re-Union with the Origins may occur has to do with Cosmic Purpose, and that Life which is re-united with the originating source has acquired new qualities as a result of the experience in all the varying grades of matter.

As above, so below. We know that the ultimate objective for a human being is Union with the originating source. First with the soul, later with the Monad, on up the chain of Hierarchy until final Union with the Absolute.

Would it be possible to hypothesize that our Planetary Purpose also is Union? That the principle of Union or at-one-ment is at the heart of all that is? Master D.K. tells us in Rays and Initiations that:

"This Lord of the World is the sole repository of the will and purpose of the One of Whom He is an expression; this again can be understood by you as evoking the same relation to the "unknown God" as your personality — when expressing adequately the soul and later the Monad — conditions your perception, knowledge, plans and purpose, and controls the quality of your life and directs the energy which you express."

If the Planetary Purpose is indeed Union with the One of Whom the Lord of the World is an expression, then everything that comprises the Planetary personality must be purified and brought up to be a perfect reflection of that higher Purpose.

Perhaps this is where the Planetary Hierarchy and the Ashrams found on our Buddhic Plane come into play. They exist to produce at-one-ment between that which is lower with that which is higher-to produce Union.

Hierarchical Plans that implement this purpose have come into being and been adjusted since Humanity first appeared on earth. The Plan is a living ideal that is implanted into human consciousness to suit the time and period and the level of human understanding at any given time. It is flexible as to steps and procedures followed, but always has the achievement of the ultimate Purpose behind any action planned and taken.

From Esoteric Psychology II,

"The objectives can (for our purposes) be stated as four in number, but each of these is capable of re-expression in a [217] number of ways. They simply indicate the four major goals which the Workers with the Plan have set Themselves. Let us state them succinctly, and later we can somewhat elaborate them:

The first aim and the primary aim is to establish, through the medium of humanity, an outpost of the Consciousness of God in the solar system. This is a correspondence, macrocosmically understood, of the relationship existing between a Master and His group of disciples. This, if pondered on, may serve as a clue to the significance of our planetary work.

To found upon earth (as has already been indicated) a powerhouse of such potency and a focal point of such energy that humanity — as a whole — can be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes and events of a unique nature in the planetary life and lives (and therefore in the system itself) and inducing an interstellar activity.

To develop a station of light, through the medium of the fourth kingdom in nature, which will serve not only the planet, and not only our particular solar system, but the seven systems of which ours is one. This question of light, bound up as it is with the colors of the seven rays, is as yet an embryo science, and it would be useless for us to enlarge upon it here.

To set up a magnetic center in the universe, in which the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls will, united or at-oned, be the point of most intense power, and which will serve the developed Lives within the radius of the radiance of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said."

As to #2 above, the founding of a powerhouse upon earth. We can perhaps be reminded that it is said that the Buddha founded a Temple of Light on the mental plane; the Christ founded the Temple of Love on the astral plane, and now the coming Temple of Power will be formed on the Physical plane. These three 'temples' could have an interesting correspondence with the first three stanzas of the Great Invocation. And, of course, none of it will happen without the cooperation and understanding of the race of men or Humanity itself--the planetary light bearer, carrying and transmitting the light of knowledge, of wisdom and of understanding of the Soul to the soul in all forms.

True indeed it is that "the whole creation travaileth in pain until now, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God." A Treatise on White Magic, AAB p, 100.

If we could think of one word or keynote to encapsulate the work of the Buddha, perhaps we could use Enlightenment; for the Christ the word Love might be a good summary and just perhaps the keynote of the future will be Union (or synthesis), using the energies of enlightened love. If this rings true with any of us in our hearts and minds as even a possibility, it gives us added power to begin to wield the energy of Purpose behind any of our plans for service in any field, on any level, with any of the kingdoms of nature, and to bring to it all that Life More Abundant that is ever present. To be consciously aware of this ever present Life, to know that there is nothing else but that Life is to be able to take it, use it and radiate it outwards so that the World is indeed changed and moved that much closer to our ultimate destiny of Union with that which is higher.

Infinity I, 71. "...The realization of search and the forward striving of the Origins strengthens the psycho-cosmic magnet, and the attraction grows during hundreds and thousands of years until the final union is reached. A great, great law! Thus is the Universe created by the beauty of Cosmic Union." - Helena Roerich