When we begin to realize that the Universe is a Living Being, and that each form that it has created, including ourselves, is a part of that Living Being and has a purpose in being here, we also begin to realize that each form is in process of recognizing and Becoming that which it essentially IS.

Becoming is complex, imprisoning, limited and subject to hindrances, while Being is simple, free, unlimited and unimpeded. When this great process is finally completed, we are no longer Becoming, but are Being that which we always were, only now we are fully conscious of our identity. We are the Life of Divinity itself working through a spirit, soul and human form.

The Ageless Wisdom tells us that this process of Becoming begins by Life descending deeper and deeper into matter, becoming ever more and more involved in and identified with matter, until gradually the Life begins to adapt the form to allow an interaction with that Life. When that Life has worked its way through the lower kingdoms in nature, the mineral, vegetable and animal and reaches the stage of being human, it then becomes possible for an accelerated adaptation to take place, through the higher consciousness we call the Soul. Eventually this relation becomes perfected enough so that the form can then be used by the Life within.

As this Life continues to expand and grow we are becoming that which we essentially are by a recognition in graded stages of what we are not. This process continues over many lives but eventually we realize we are not our bodies, or our emotions or minds. We overcome identification with these lower bodies to become identified with our higher consciousness call Soul, only eventually to realize we are not the Soul but the Spirit or Monad that uses the consciousness, finally to realize we are not an individual spirit, but part of the One Life of Divinity. At that great moment, we no longer are becoming, but are simply BEING.