Quetzacoatl……June 7, 2009

I call upon Your
Your Avatar Force
that Sparks to Life….
As Your
Matter & Construction
of My Humanity.

Permeate Your Being……
That within,
the Tree & Flower of Life
and All the
Elements of the Four Directions….
In My Being
as An
Inner Explosion
of Tongues of Fire
Rivers of Living Water.

Deep from the Centre
of Gaia’s Own Source
of Light & Being
Let the Return of
in Fire & Water
Gathering Life
from the
Void & Silence
of Source

There are No More Dualities.
Nothing to Fear.

The Destructive forces Result in the Primal Energies Not Being
given the Space
& Light
to Magnify the Creative
Vibration & Chord
the Universal Song.

Quetzacoatl…June 8 2009

Awaken in Me the Life Force
of Avatars & Earth.
You are the Primary Life Force
Where all Begins
not with a whimper
but an Explosion of
Star Birth.

You who in our Sterile
World of Institutional Structures
Have been banned
from our BodySpirit Consciousness.

You who knit life together
in Form & Mystery
Awaken within Us….

Awaken the Life Force Consciousness
That we may Reclaim
the Birthright
of the Children of Earth and YOU.

Holy Spirit,
Quicken the Energies of Life.

Let the Baptism of Tongues of Fire
Flicker into
the Consciousness of Each Cell.

Awaken me.