Meditation Impression ~ Full Moon of Libra, 2011

The following Impression is based on the SouledOut Full Moon Libra Meditation of 2011.

The idea that the Light of Libra brings peace and calm is so much needed in my life and in the world. The events in my life for the last two months have been a little, and some times a lot, on the bumpy side, difficult and challenging. People around me that are vibrating at different rates, getting upset or in conflict. Others, that I just observe in the world going off over what seems to be an insignificant thing with so much energy... This calming, peaceful energy of Libra is so welcomed and allowing it to pervade within me, I find that place of balance.

Ah, the two spheres, the Realm of Spirit and that of the outer world of forms, between the two is where most of our work is done... The phrase, "to be in the world but not of the world" comes to mind here. We have reincarnated in group with purpose. The idea that we can see the good and the bad, the high and the low, yet we do not simply reject or turn away from that which is unevolved. I am reminded here of Jesus Christ, whenever he met someone who seemed outside his ministry, he looked for the possibility of goodness in them, and then he found a way to include them. This is what I feel is being expressed here, seeing with compassion and understanding. This leads us to include finding the greatest good for the greatest number. The lifting of ever greater numbers of Humanity into the Light - the place of wellness, goodness and oneness.

Libra also brings the idea of choice. We choose to include, and in this we see the relationship of all things. No longer seeing two separate individual points, but two ideas on a line that connects them.

The idea of going within, making sure one is coming from a place of balance, equilibrium is so important. If we come from a place of anger or an over abundance of energy we are not as likely to see the whole picture, and then not as likely to make the wise choice, or if we come from a place of despair or lethargy we may miss an opportunity. The wise way is readily apparent when balance is achieved. Just as important, if we come from a place of balance, is recognizing the energies available to us from the Spiritual Realm. When out of balance we can miss Spiritual opportunities, energy. In balance we are receiving and making use of better energies, and we can make wiser choices. This is true Spiritual Poise.

Returning to the idea of meditation and contemplation, so needed here to find balance and equilibrium. There are times, in the seeming chaos of day to day events that things look bad or even hopeless. But if I step back and look at the larger picture, finding the point of balance within me, I definitly sense Humanity's progress, that we are evolving.

Love and Light,

Libra Balance in Relationship

I'm appreciating finding this blog posting in this most challenging, extreme time of my current relationship life.  As Virgo/Libra "rules" the sector of my life that is, indeed, about relationships, it always feels absolutely URGENT that any and all relationship issues that have gone awry be FIXED immediately!  "Immediately" isn't happening; it's already been more than a year.

Yes, I am grateful that when looking at the bigger picture, there's no actual tragedy involved.  Some calm perspective is a relief.  Both parties are still alive.  Both parties have peaceful, loving values.  Both parties have a mission of healing for where we live.  Both parties are working towards reconciliation--both on the same trajectory; even if SILENTLY as there is no longer any contact.

---Peace and Calm, and being able to relax in NOT knowing within the Imposed Silence; simply BEING PRESENT, silently---even when the situation is mind-boggling and beyond my human comprehension----Feeling judged, banished or in grief at some point during almost every single day; being unable to know the frame of reference being used in decisions made, as there are SO many choices in how to interpret the few words given, or the physical expressions.  Ahhh, the choices within Libra.  I COULD simply chose which one feels best!

The other person once said to me; and also wrote: "the mother doesn't need words; the mother doesn't need to understand; the mother only needs to be present".  Recalling those words brought peace.  Simply BE in compassion.

Start in the Heart (that's easy! That's where I live) and move up to the Head and then Both go to the SOUL.

Thank you.

How to find Balance

Dear Artofsoul,

I feel for you. I understand the hurt you are trying to deal with. 

I have a question for you: Have you truly validated everything you feel towards the relationship, the positive AND the negative?

True peace comes when you have faced all the "negative" feelings you have towards your relationship. I don't feel you have allowed yourself to be fully negative. If you want to be really in balance, you have to look at both the positive and negative, ONE AT A TIME, AND FULLY AT A TIME.  Quickly telling the self to see the positive for each negative point that you see does not serve us. It is completely fine to criticize and see only the bad points for a while, until there is no more negative thoughts and feeling coming out. At the end of it tell yourself: "So this is how I, Artofsoul, feel...I see it now, the otherside of me."

True balance comes when you have fully VALIDATE the negative feelings, THE MOMENT they arise. In this moment, you truly exist: the darkness in you, and the light in you.

And that is the beauty of the being.

Forget about trying to make sense of things and maintaining the balance of right and wrong/correct and incorrect..  Instead, go inside yourself and say: I am completely lost " and stay with how You feel towards the whole thing: the powerlesness, frustration, despair etc... At the end of  tell yourself again: "So this is how I, Artofsoul, feel...I see it now, the otherside of me. I see you now...I acknowledge you as part of me.  Thank you for protecting what is precious to me.You complete me."

If you feel you can't do it by yourself alone, find a good friend.Else at least find a safe place to be with yourself.

I hope that this helps you.Be safe.



Balance & Out of Balance

Thank you Siegfrid.

I did recognize earlier that my statement had been superficial and hadn't even honoured the full truth of the depths of my experience, limiting it to something about ego and human relationship ponderings.  I'd considered adding an Addendum to it, but now you've brought it to light in a helpful way yourself.

No, I'm not ALL goodness & lightness of understanding.  I do appreciate when I have reached a place where I'm able to be philosophical and more reasonable in searching for answers.

"Thank You, Other Side of Me".

Yes, it's all right to be complete and I have always faced this alone.  It's safe.

Thank You, Siegfrid, for your comments and advice about not trying to make sense of things.

I'd, at 1st, included a painting of grief & despair as an illustration for my reply, but now have edited and deleted that, as no one NEEDS to see that!

In Heart.