Meditation Impression ~ Full Moon of Scorpio, 2011

This impression was based on the SouledOut meditation for full moon of Scorpio, 2011.

As we went into meditation to receive the light of Scorpio... when I saw the light, there was a slight blueish tint to the sparkling white light. This surprised me, in the moment, my mind quickly made the association with the great star Sirius. It was diffidently the light from Sirius that was pouring through during this mediation in Scorpio.

It was now a brilliant blue white diamond. It was potent and illumined me to my very core. I now felt the presence of Soul. It was not an individualized Soul, it was a group Soul, and it had the energy of our Spiritual Hierarchy, of oneness, of unity, of synthesis. I was filled with it in a flash.

Recently, during meditation, I am feeling compelled to reorient myself, in the name of service, to the greater good. But I can't quite see/know what that is yet. I specifically don't the way but I am being told to prepare. I sense this is reflective of Humanity as a whole. That there are some great questions, issues, "tests and trials" that are up for Humanity now. We are being asked to find a new ways, new solutions to help us change, to re-orient toward inclusiveness and greater Unity.

This idea of separativeness... how often one feels alone, isolated and fearful. It is so interesting when you begin to perceive the world around as being part of a group Soul. It is very comforting, in that you are not alone. I smiled within at this simple thought. Recently I heard that there are now 7 billion of us on the planet. Let us be about finding the common ground between us all. Creating a beautiful mosaic where we all have a place, and that it reflects our inner connection and ability to work together.

The idea of our essential Unity... just as I sensed that there is great comfort and strength in being part of a group of lights working together. So it is when we face the "tests and trails of Scorpio", we can choose not to do it alone. It has come up for me time and time again when I am upset and thinking, "I don't like that!" "I am opposed to that!" "I am angry at that!" What keeps being said to me in meditation is that which you don't like, are opposed to, etc. is a part of you. I am becoming more and more aware of the idea of "the whole". The reality of the wholeness of Humanity brings up in me greater understanding of what seems to be opposing points of view. From this place of wholeness, we now can bring compassion and love to all that our lives touch, to include rather than exclude. We open to receive the Light of Spirit as we release the burdens of anger and hostility. In this light, conflict becomes an opportunity for understanding and harmony, loud angry voices become valued voices seeking resolution, and the pairs of opposites become whole or One.

How do we find this wholeness? We bring love and understanding to our personal relationships, we bring love and understanding to our family relations, we bring love and understanding to our business relations, we bring love and understanding to our world relations! We share our wealth, we share our good ideas, we invoke the Principle of Sharing in all of our actions. Once you begin to let go of "this is mine", of the importance of material things, the Spiritual values become preeminent in our life.

That we are asked to let go of some of our "old ways" that once seemed good, is interesting. Even though these thoughts might have come from the highest place within us at the time, spiritual thoughts that we had discovered with the best intentions and that helped us find our path. They can now be seen as a bit self centered, and we are asked to let them go. As we open up to discover new ways of being that will take us all to the next step on the path... We let Spirit guide us.

The idea of an economy based on balance and sharing, where need triumphs over greed is so up in our world right now. Here in America we see it with the "Occupy" protest movement. There are all these statistics coming out about how the small group of super wealthy in America have become so much more wealthy in the last 20 years. While the very poor are increasingly forced to live on the streets, and the vast majority of Americans have seen the cost of living exceed their ability to earn a living. This inequity needs to be brought to level of consciousness that demands swift and appropriate action.

There are a few voices among the very wealthy, like Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world saying, "I can pay more taxes and feel we the wealthy could and should pay more." There is Bill Gates, again one of the wealthiest men on earth, starting the largest and best funded Charitable Foundation in the world. On a personal level many of my friends see the disparity and are doing what they can to bring hope and help to those in need. Clothing and food drives, men, women and their children clearing beaches and water ways, working in church kitchens to feed families. We are all in this together, and until this basic fact is understood and acted upon our progress is slowed. As light workers on the path we need to share the idea that money's only "real value" is in service for all of Humanity. The way to our further Spiritual awakening is the application of the Principle of Sharing to our each and every action.

Love and Light,