2012 Capricorn Festival ~ Participation Is Welcome

The Full Moon Festival during Capricorn occurs on January 8 (or 9, depending on time zone). For the 2011-2012 annual spiritual cycle, our meditation focus theme is based on "Embrace the Unknown ... Fulfillment of Purpose."

Suggested group meditation time, details here

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It can be said that each of us is a little cosmos

It can be said that each of us is a little cosmos, with forces of planets and stars inside of our energy centers. Why we are considered a micro-cosmos is because just as we have a copy of our parents dna in our systems, we also carry within our bodies a blueprint of the cosmos out there surrounding us. We are a child of the earth and a child of the universe as well. In the universe there are distinct higher dimensions or heavens. We have corresponding bodies to those dimensions, therefor we are able with the proper training and discipline of the body, to enter those dimensions, consciously.

To draw clearly the blueprint of the cell, the human, the world, the solar system and universe is fairly easy to do because they are all the same blueprint just on different scales of sizes. It’s like a pattern for pants. You got sizes for the babies and sizes for the adults. However the diagram is the same. A hole for the waist and two holes for the feet to come out of. Maybe ones got buttons and the other a zipper but you can make out the resemblance.