2012 Capricorn Meditation Impression

The following impression is based on the SouledOut Capricorn meditation and the site's related writings.

In the vision/meditation I see us climbing higher and higher up the mountain and as we rise the Light of the Soul begins to shine brighter and brighter. As I felt this happening to me a question came to me, "In my life as a whole, and in my daily life what am I/we identifying with?" In times of transition and great change asking this question becomes paramount.

With the world economic situation, the political turmoils in the Middle East and elsewhere, the idea of terrorism and just on a personal level, am I OK financially, do I have enough money to live. All of these questions or challenges, if you get hung up in them on the physical plane, can produce a lot of fear. At least, it can in me, and I think it can in all of us, when we react in this way. In this I /we are identifying too much with the physical plane. I am not saying that it should be ignored, but as conscious Light Workers we have a responsibility to identify with the Soul, and the One Soul, instead of the form nature. We are all taking part in this great journey up to the mountain top and as we do, we are being called in ever greater ways to identify with Spirit.

This idea in Capricorn of climbing up the mountain, in doing this there is a message here, that a new cycle of effort is required. In other words we have to work at this, just the vision of us climbing up the mountain is a perfect metaphor for the effort. We have got to work, we have got to climb for Spiritual progress to be made.

The energy of Capricorn illumines the fact that we must make good use of this blessing of Light. Let it shine, and cut through the veils of illusion. This liberates us as well, we can work here on earth or above in the Spiritual Kingdom, as we are directed. As we rise, and identify with Spirit, there is an immense and potent feeling of Spiritual possibilities, and that progress can and will be made. It is the the vision from the mountain top, from from this high place we see from a new illumined perspective.

The place, in the meditation, where we reach the mountain top and stand united with our Spiritual Hierarchy. Then we turn radiate our Light outward brings to mind the Christ energy. As Christ was the bearer of the Light, we are now the bearers of the Light. The words from the meditation, "The truth of the human story, the Christ in us the hope of Glory" ring true.

Christ consciousness is all about inclusion. Christ, when he walked on this earth, whenever he met someone with a good heart, that seemed outside of his ministry, as it was perceived by others at the time, he always expanded his ministry. A favorite story of mine is "The woman at the well". When Christ happened upon a woman, who was of a much lower station then he and who had been married six times he offered her "the Water of Life". So it was he expanded his ministry to include more and more in the Light, and it was done with Love. On our little home, here on earth, the energy we need to go out into the word with is identifying with the One Soul, being bearers of Christ consciousness, of that Love and that Light. Bringing the energy of inclusion where we might find separation, to reach out and find the points of agreement and strengthen them.

As we ended our meditation the last thought I was impressed with, it was suddenly there, was that despite the seeming difficulties for us all ahead, there was this seed of hope, a tiny brilliant Light.

Love and Light,


Sirius, The God * Dog Star

I just wanna raised the comment on this statement mentioned on your web site...
Sirius, The God * Dog Star

"Hindu writings, it is referred to as Sukra, the Rain God, or Rain Star."

You don't know the Sukra mean in Hindu books....Plz read them more precise.

Many References to Sirius as Sukra

Greetings godisone,

The "Sirius, The God * Dog Star" article you refer to was written over 15 years ago as a synthesis from various reputable resources, and the sentence you take exception to is repeated in many online sources.

One such text is Star Names and Their Meaning by Richard Hinkley Allen, from 1963 (see 3/4 from the top of page 122).

Numerous online references to this same point can be found by googling "Sukra, the Rain God, Rain Star" so we are not inclined to alter our presentation of the material. If you have other valid information that contradicts this information, feel free to send it to us at bewise@souledout.org for further consideration.