A look at the Universe/Identification with the Whole

We all remember the remarkable effect the picture of our beautiful Earth from space had on so many...perhaps we are now ready to enlarge our perceptions to identification with the whole of the Universe.

For anyone who might have missed this link from SouledOut's calendar, it is quite amazing! A virtual tour of the entire Universe compiled by two young boys that illustrates what scientists, mystics and masters have been telling us, it's all ONE and we are all connected.

From quantum foam and a single string all the way to the end of the Universe!


Quantum Shift in the Global Brain is exactly in line with the esoteric teaching: "Until the last decade or two, scientists and science-minded people considered the feeling of human and human-nature interconnection a mere delusion. Then the evidence started to come in. A fresh look at our connections in the framework of the new sciences -- quantum physics above all -- began to indicate that the "oneness" people sometimes experience is not delusory and that the explanation of it is not beyond the ken of the sciences. As quanta, and entire atoms and molecules, can be instantly connected across space and time, so living organisms, especially the complex and supersensitive brain and nervous system of evolved organisms, can be instantly connected with other organisms, with nature, and with the cosmos as a whole. This is vitally important, for admitting the intuition of connections to our everyday consciousness can inspire the solidarity we so urgently need to live on this planet -- to live in harmony with each other and with nature." Ervin Laslo.

And from Agni Yoga: Infinity I, 360.

When humanity will come to understand the Cosmic Oneness, the cosmic construction will be affirmed. The chief task of humanity is to unite the world of matter with the world of spirit. The demarcation line between the spheres is very sharply drawn; hence, the correlation of the predestined with the mechanical world in which men are submerged is rare. When the planetary consciousness is directed toward unification of all factors, the manifestation of cosmic shiftings overtakes all spheres. Hence, the planetary consciousness establishes the cosmic energy. The striving of an Agni Yogi and the work of the centers help to determine the cosmic consciousness. Therefore, the most important affirmation of the energy is the broadening of consciousness. The creativeness of Our Brothers is directed toward the development of cosmic consciousness in humanity. Therefore is the cooperation of the centers so affirmed by Us.
Verily, We value the transmuting power of the fires!

Organic matrix Enlivening

Thanks for this Nancy. In light of what you have said here, id like to share impressions that i have been having over the Spring Equinox moving toward Shamballa's Ascending Heart Moon.

i've been experiencing real energetic lattices being woven around and through me between the Earth, plants, animals, etc, and Stars. Praying and healing in one location on the Earth for 7 years, the Trees and plants have become companions in daily life and sometimes it's like we become more fully who we are in Spirit the more conscious i am of their relatedness to me and thus the earth of which we are a holograph.

More and more awareness of how my life is threaded with "theirs"....i have had to gather twigs and branches that have blown to the ground when "proper" wood ran out and i didn't have any other way to keep warm. My trees have contributed to my Physical Warmth this year. Now when I gather fallen branches to burn for the house, they are in thanksgiving for Life Shared. And in turn, their lives are given acknowledgement. We are in this Life of Oneness together the trees thus the earth and i.

i just started reading a most delightful book called "The Holy Book of the Devas: The secret mythologies of the herbal world" by Rev. Paul V. Beyer.
A Creation story .....the Creatrix is the Mother giving birth to Stars, Plants, and Planets.....and it has that TRUTH ring to it that a Sacred Story has. The birth of "Arieitis" is seen as initiatory Fire and the Spark of Life awakening that which has been dormant a long time.

In a season that celebrates meditating with IMPULSES of the ELECTRIC FIRE of CREATION and RESURRECTION, the old tradition of a form of vigil preparation for the Resurrection, reminds us to Prepare the Mind for the Divine Word Impressed in Global and Cosmic terms in the Here and Now.