Meditation Impression for the Full Moon at Wesak / Taurus 2012

The following impression is based on the SouledOut meditation at the Wesak/Taurus Full Moon.

Cindy Paulos and Davita Lynn Starlight have written, on WeCycle Wisdom, about the purity and potency of the Wesak energy. I would like to add that I experienced a new level of purity and potency in the Lightworkers rising to meet the Light at this most auspicious time. Working and aligning to be in this place, this space, the Wesak Valley. Which now, in reality, I see as our whole world. We are bringing the blending of the Buddha and the Christ to our world. Showing again and again, that co-creation brings new revelation.

There has been a feeling in my deepest meditations in the last year, that there is a new gift being given to Humanity. This idea, that the Light illuminating our minds now, helping us to further penetrate the veils of illusion, is in fact a new level of Divine Illumination. It is touching our minds, our Souls, in ever greater ways every day.

Of course, for me the vision of this in the Heavens is the great star Aldebaran, "the eye of the bull". It symbolizes the two eyes of our body being lifted to the one spiritual eye. In this we can began to see what is real, and with practice and careful examination, what is to come.

There is so much dissension in our world ~ polarization in religion, in politics. It is such a joy, such a delight, that at the Wesak Festival we see the Buddha and the Christ coming together, creating a channel for the Divine energy to flow into our world. This connects us to the very heart of the One. This is what sustains me as I continue the journey of life on this planet.

In the last few months, in discussions I have had with people who have chosen a different spiritual path or way, in the past I often sensed a lack of compassion or willingness to even listen. I now feel a sense of acceptance and understanding. It is this energy that will lift all of Humanity to a higher realm, although it does not seem to be happening throughout our world yet. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this positive interaction. For I sense a Spiritual power that is bringing us together for the greater good.

I certainly cannot say that the Divine Plan has been revealed to me:) I do get a sense there is a great opportunity for change on out planet. If we are open to these Divine ideas, like the ones that come through at the Three Spiritual Festivals, we can bring about this change. It is going to be co-created by the Divine and Humanity. It is the only way this is going to work. Like the Buddha and the Christ, we need to make this concept of co-creation come alive on our planet.

The mantram that came through for this cycle, "Wielding the Electric Fire of Life, We Ignite the Seed Releasing Life More Abundant in Our World", brings with it a great responsibility, that we work with it for an expression of the Divine Revelation. Using this energy wisely, appropriately, and correctly for the greater good.

We Rise!
We Know!
We Serve!

Love and Light,