Little Wesak Wonders

I want to share some little wonders that happened in my life between the New Moon and Full Moon of Taurus this year.

Last year I had some challenges with my own health and in my family. One of the results of this was, my garden did not get the attention and love it likes to have, and I love giving it. So this year I was slowly cleaning, trimming, and nourishing it. Giving it the attention and love that brings it to life.

I have four Buddhas placed around my garden spaces. Two of the areas where the Buddhas live had become very overgrown. So I not only cleared the areas, I gave the Buddhas a bath and a good cleaning.

As I was cleaning the second Buddha, I realized I'd started this just after the Wesak~Taurus New Moon. Pretty fun! A coincidence, I think not, as they say, "We are driven not the driver".

The second little wonder is about a Passion Vine that was a gift from a fellow gardener some years ago. It blooms every year with many, many amazing and exotic blooms. This flower is often associated with the Christ.

Each year for the last 5 years, bunches of Painted Lady butterflies have returned to feast on the pollen and lay their eggs. Sunday morning, the day after the Wesak full moon, that very day the butterflies returned.

Often it's the little miracles, wonders, that inspire us, remind us to stay in the present, and help us on the Spiritual path. I have been truly blessed with LIttle Wesak Wonders.

Love and Light,