2012 Gemini~Goodwill Meditation Impression

The following Impression is based upon SouledOut's Full Moon Meditation for the Festival of Goodwill/Gemini of June 2012, and the other related writings found there.

As I went into meditation, I was thinking about the words "united sustained effort". The message I've been receiving for some time ~ and it is getting stronger and stronger ~ is that we, Humanity, are being called upon to serve, to step up. It is up to us! We are called to put forth a united sustained effort to bring about the greater good.

As we ascended into the Light that is our Spiritual Hierarchy, there was a sense of potency and grace. I have to say that this place is feeling more and more like home to me. I recognize and identify with this place, space and Light. I, and I sense Humanity, feel a stronger and stronger connection to this place.

Then to see a Light, an energy that is even greater than the Light of our Spiritual Hierarchy, is so amazing! The Light of Shamballa. It is so immense, pure, all encompassing. Then, in my mind's eye, I saw the Milky Way galaxy. Talk about immense! Then we were directed to look at the Heart of the Galaxy. I sensed a pulse, a great heart beating ~ the heart of the Divine. I felt so loved and blessed in this moment.

Then I could sense my own heart, and many, many hearts beating as one with the Divine heart. There was a wonderful unity with our hearts beating with this Divine heart. My heart no longer required any effort by my body to beat as one with this heart. What was asked of us, required of us, was to connect to the Spiritual Hierarchy and to connect with Divinity.

The image of the Christ bringing the Wesak blessing from Buddha to us now flashed before me. It spoke to me of the energy of co-operation, of working together in harmony. We need to seek and find the points of agreement and strengthen them. We need to be willing, and find those who are willing, to sacrifice selfishness for the greater good and right human relationships. In our homes, with our friends, in our communities, our nations and our world. May we bring the spirit of Unity and our Essential Divinity to all of our interactions.

In this high place of Oneness I could feel the Divine Love blessing us all. It was at the same time transforming us. We are being told to seek how, when, and where to use Goodwill for the greatest good. I can sense within me, and in our world, a change is taking place. I can't see the whole picture ~ and for any who can, we welcome your words. But I feel that I, we, are a part of the change.  We "will" serve and it "will" happen.

This is World Invocation Day, and it is always a good idea to say The Great Invocation. You can look to many sites, like ours, to find it. It does each of us a world of good to say it, and it does our world good to have to said it!

This year, as well,  I will repeat the New Group of World Servers Invocation:
May the power of the One Life pour through the group of all true servers.
May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.
May I fulfill my part in the one work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech.

A brief additional comment: As I came out of meditation I decided to "Look Up" Susan Sun's "Night Sky" just to see what was she was getting about our friends, the planets and the stars. I was amazed to find these words, "The initiatory fires are burning and galactic blessings are flowing to expand our hearts with the will-to-good, creating hearts big enough and plentiful enough to heal the nations." Does this remind you of anything I, we, might have experienced in this meditation?:)

The day after the our global meditation, I awoke at 4:00 AM. I stumbled to the door in the hope of seeing the Lunar eclipse. Weather had moved in and I could not see it. There was as sense of calm and I went back to sleep blissfully, with pleasant thoughts in my head. When I awakened I was surprised and delighted to see it was raining. The rain felt so healthy, it felt like a blessing, and the sense of calm remained.
Love, Light, & Goodwill!