Cancer Festival Meditation Impressions

This full moon’s closely following the 4th of July and with the full moon sun conjunct Sirius at the same degree (14 Cancer) felt particularly potent. All kinds of energies were present and yet there was a sense of the hookup to Sirius and to Purpose.

During Cancer there has been a strong pull to receptivity, being open to the inflows in order to assimilate the needed inspiration for the work to be done.

In the world now there is a noticeable emphasis on accountability, where the need for it has been great especially in health care and in the financial system. In these and in every realm, it’s important to focus on that which is truth aligned and correct. “The truth shall make you free.”

As the spirit of freedom and liberation is close by we may utilize this freedom by choosing to align more fully with the monad, and this alignment will be assisted by our receptivity.

- Herenow

Cancer Meditation Impression

We rise as one from the Great Chalice of which each of us is integral part. Spirit responds and the door way that is Cancer opens. The golden white light pours over us. As we rise, we sense our consciousness expanding on may levels, instinct and intellect are joined in new ways within us. A golden key appears before us. It is a gift to us. A doorway is before us.

The presence of Divinity can be felt, the Light within us grows brighter. Mass consciousness, based on instinct and lower mind falls way and group consciousness of the One Soul illumines the key that opens the door. Cosmic influences can be sensed from this realm. In this space we can new realities for our world. We sense there is a building of Spiritual energies and that a great Avatar awaits.

We are learning to create and shape a new Spiritual reality: We transformed instinct to intellect, and now we transforming intellect to intuition. Mass consciousness has become group consciousness and we are now embracing cosmic consciousness. We bring the will-to-good to all we do, invoking the Law of Ancient Dominating Good.

"We build a lighted house and therein dwell."

- Ted J. Rucker