Look Up! ... Venus at Its Morning Best 7/6-16

Greetings Everyone,
Venus at its morning best continues to influence us and amaze students of the sky.

It's been over a month since Venus was seen crossing the disk of the Sun. A gestation period in the solar light, and a birth into the morning sky has occurred for Venus, since her inception by our central luminary. Now the planet's morning emergence and fullness of light is on the increase.

Venus our goddess of love reaches greatest brilliancy in the predawn sky on Thursday, July 12. Along with an entourage of celestial bodies: Aldebaran, Ceres paired with Jupiter, Vesta paired with the Pleiades (7 Sisters) and later with the entrance of the Crescent Moon, Venus blazes in the heavens heralding the Sun. She invisibly dances across the sky with her entourage during the daylight hours until around 5pm. These energies influence our daytime activities.

The newly solar initiated maiden Venus, joins with the illumined visionary Aldebaran and "trailing behind her as if holding her bridal train" are the goddesses of the feminine lineage: Ceres the nurturing great Mother and Vesta the keeper of the primordial feminine flame. The sacred feminine, now solar initiated into an enlightened future and imbued with the greatness of the past, is presently creating a "herstory" - a new story in the heavens and within us. What it means to be feminine, to use our sacred feminine energy in the world of manifestation is now being rewritten, rescripted.

What did the Venus transit of June 5/6 seed within us? What is arising in our hearts, our bodies and relationships since that rare inception? This is a good time to ponder these things, to align with and receive the new incoming feminine energies.  

July 6-9, Predawn Friday-Monday
Each morning before sunrise look for the line-up of reddish Aldebaran, Venus and Jupiter. Watch Venus pair up with Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus the Bull, our star of Enlightenment. By July 9 Venus lies north of Aldebaran.
Compare these two views:
July 4 5am http://www.souledout.org/nightsky/fourthofjuly/sunrise12july4.gif
July 9 5am http://en.es-static.us/upl/2012/07/12July08_430.jpg

July 12, Predawn Thursday
Venus is at its greatest brilliancy -4.7 magnitude, however the difference in brightness is negligible several days before or after this date. Be dazzled by morning Venus!

In the July 12 5am map below notice how Venus has moved passed Aldebaran and lies on the lower horn of Taurus the Bull. This map also shows Venus followed by the two other goddesses, Ceres (paired with Jupiter) and Vesta (paired with the Pleiades aka 7 Sisters). Note: These two pairings (not shown in previous maps) were also occurring earlier when Venus was in closer proximity to Aldebaran. Ceres and Vesta are not visible to the unaided eye.

Council of the Feminine
Adam Gainsburg and Gary Caton join in a multidimensional exploration of Venus and her entourage of celestial bodies in this 51:55 minute podcast.
(Click anywhere in the rectangular box. On the next page scroll down to "Council of the Feminine" and click "Play Now.")
More about Ceres and Vesta:

July 14, predawn Saturday
Crescent Luna diagonally aligns with Jupiter and Venus

July 15, predawn Sunday
Crescent Luna lies between Jupiter and Venus forming a striking triangle.
Some global observers can see the Moon occult (hide) Jupiter for an hour!

July 16, predawn Monday
Crescent Luna now lies beneath Jupiter and Venus.

Look Up ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at the Night Sky