Daily Life ~ Cosmic Mission ~ Parts of One Whole

The Milky Way

Perhaps the following can help us understand just why the Plan for Humanity is vital for the fulfillment of Cosmic Purpose.

As we know, we are life forms within the entire manifested Universe. Our immediate location is within the Milky Way Galaxy ... we might say that it is ultimately THAT within which 'we live and move and have our being' in the largest sense, as well as also being situated within our particular Solar System, and our own Planet Earth. We are told that the Lord of the World is the sole repository of what might be called the personality vehicles of this great Cosmic Life, and that of course means all of humanity is also part of at least the form of this Life as well.

We are part of the working mechanism of a Cosmic Logos and were created to assist with a particular function in His part of the great Cosmic Purpose. This Cosmic Being has been called "the cosmic Creative Center", and of course our Solar System is currently perfecting the demonstration of Love-Wisdom, so our planet will eventually be demonstrating that quality of Love-Wisdom through creativity.

Just where does humanity fit into this larger picture? We are all by now familiar with the idea of the ultimate destiny of humanity becoming a medium for the establishment of an outpost of the Consciousness of God in the Solar System: to found upon earth a powerhouse and Station of Light and magnetic centre in the Universe of such energy that humanity can be a factor not only in planet Earth and our solar system, but in the seven systems of our Cosmic Source and will serve the developed lives within the ring pass not of our Galaxy.*

We might surmise that this exalted mission of Humanity cannot be accomplished until perhaps the final Rootrace wherein all humanity has achieved God Consciousness ... but it might begin in embryo as each advancement of humanity is attained, thus advancing our Earth's becoming a sacred planet, and furthering the plans of the Solar Logos, all serving the greater Cosmic Purpose of which all are a part.

These advancements we call initiations only bring out within a human being what is there in every person in potential: a Christ or perfected Soul eventually to later become one with Spirit. For it will be humanity which has attained Monadic consciousness that will achieve the noble cosmic goals planned for it. Therefore, a humanity that consciously knows its intimate connection with and duty to this Cosmic Logos.

Perhaps in contemplating the reasons for the taking of initiations by humanity, and indeed the reason for its very existence, and therefore the importance of the coming into being of the Ashram of Synthesis at this time, we can see that human initiation has individual, planetary, solar and will have eventual Cosmic effects. And it allows us to understand the absolutely vital importance of the influences of Sirius and the Great White Lodge that assists our own Hierarchy and therefore humanity in this great endeavour of becoming a Lighted Outpost in our Solar System and beyond.

But every goal is reached one step at a time. We have been told that it will be in this the Fifth Rootrace that humanity will take the Transfiguration initiation, thus fusing soul and personality into a unity.

It might seem that the entire process of initiation is to bring about the conscious unfoldment of the Reality which the lower selves veil and hide so that our larger Purpose within the Cosmic Whole ... the wonder and destiny of the human kingdom, can be accomplished. The Plan for Humanity is to become consciously in expression that which it essentially IS. We can understand the vital importance of the influences of Sirius that assist our own Hierarchy and Humanity in this planetary, solar and cosmic unfoldment.

How does it help us to vision a goal so distant in the future? It helps give meaning and purpose to our lives far beyond what we might have imagined. It gives us a glimpse of a goal that is magnificent in scope and makes us realize that each tiny victory over our lower natures, each life form we help to serve and enliven and inspire, takes us one step further. It allows us to identify with the Whole and become synthetic and all inclusive in our thinking, thus assisting with the opening of the heart.

It provides the scale which allows us and those we can educate or inspire to discern whether our daily thoughts and actions are adhering or diverging from the course of evolution, which contains all truth ~ cosmic, solar, planetary and individual. It brings into our planetary life a new Yoga, the Yoga of Synthesis!

In the words of Master M, "the goal and meaning of existence is to strive upward beyond the limits of the known and to love one another".

To The Glory of The ONE.


The following related quotes are from published material by Lucille Cedercrans:

"...the Planetary Logos, the sum total of consciousness upon and within this planet, who is an identified Life, that center through which He works out, or through which He incorporates into His own instrument the higher concepts of Truth relating to the Cosmic Life that are making an impact upon Him; that it is via Humanity that His lower bodies, His form nature and the consciousness imprisoned therein, are brought into alignment with that Cosmic center which is his source." – Applied Wisdom II, 241

"Speaking of the new path. Literally, what this would mean would be that the growth of consciousness of the group relating to the logoic purpose, however many incarnations it takes this group to do it, nevertheless there would come a time when this group will realize this vision?
Most decidedly!
LNJ: And then it would be possible for humanity to do it?
Most decidedly. Or for any group aspiring to initiation to do so.
For instance, any disciple, any initiate, occultist, viewing evolution as it works, as it must work, in the body of humanity (and I refer now to the past, not the present) had to work within the limitations of time and space, for humanity was imprisoned within these limitations. Now consider humanity today, no longer imprisoned within the limitations of time and space." - Ashramic Projections p. 123

"The new path, the new way, is a result of a tremendous evolutionary growth which has been realized from the highest state of consciousness within the planetary life and affairs, in varying degrees, down to the lowest. In the last 2500 or 3000 years the Planetary Logos (and this includes all of His life and consciousness) has made a tremendous progress, a tremendous growth, so great that He has moved out of the old karmic necessities into an entirely new condition of growth which does not necessitate the long, long, path of trial and error, the long, long, path between the pairs of opposites, which have characterized His evolutionary development in the past. This, then, is a tremendous victory, and at the same time a tremendous opportunity. This is the conscious initiatory effort which the Planetary Logos is making on His own level of cosmic interplay. And it means far more than I can convey to you at this time to the whole of the Cosmos." - Ashramic Projections p. 121

"Now, I wish to clarify this even further insofar as its working out as a process is concerned. This new path of initiation is a process whereby the final vision is achieved, or the final goal is realized." - Ashramic Projections, p. 123


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