Leo~Sirius Meditation Impressions

All who participate in SouledOut.org's Sirius~Leo Festival Global Meditation
are welcome to share impressions here.

Many Blessings to all for our collective experiences of full moon outpourings!

It's about the Life, the Truth, and Revealing the Results

This is a time of heightened creativity, being stimulated by these potent Leo full moon energies.

Emphasis is on the importance of holding and participating in the sharing of wealth for ALL in the world, so that everyone has enough and the Principle of Sharing soon becomes inaugurated.

Ring-pass-nots are needed, fully and completely to reject and return whatever is not truly ours, in alignment with our highest self. As we rebuke the not-ours, the next steps will be revealed.

Need to consider, it may just be time to change polarities. We are each called to ground to our Home.