Look Up! New Luna Grows, + More

Greetings Everyone,

The new lunar cycle, that began Saturday, September 15, 7:11pm PDT and ends October 15, 5:03am PDT, is motivating us to seek a deeper level of fulfillment. A second Uranus-Pluto square * occurs during this cycle, 9/18-19. It helps us dismantle things in our lives that do not serve our greater truth and fulfillment. Lunar Theme: Seeking the Cup of Fulfillment

Any Night

Look for the last vestiges of Saturn, which now sets around 8:30pm. Watch red Mars move from Zubenelgenubi in Libra toward red Antares in Scorpius. Mars sets around 9:15pm. See map below to locate these planets.

Look to the south to see the teapot asterism of Sagittarius. Note: Nearby moonlight makes it more difficult to see.

Look southwest to find the cosmic Scorpion, Scorpius. Use binoculars to see M6 and M7 above the tail of Scorpius. Note: Nearby moonlight makes them more difficult to see. Map / Text


Monday, Sept. 17, after sunset

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and a High Holy Day. A good day to meditate.

After sunset a whisker-thin Luna is best seen from the Southern Hemisphere.
Saturn and Spica are disappearing into the light of the setting Sun. Map / Text


Tuesday-Thursday, Sept. 18-20, after sunset

Use Luna to find 2 planets and a red star.
See map below.


Look for Young Luna’s Dance Partners
Find the Red Planet and the Red Star
Who Can You Forgive?

Sky & Telescope diagram

Watch the Moon wax past Saturn, Mars, and Antares day by day. Note: the visibility of faint objects in bright twilight is exaggerated here. (This scene is plotted for the middle of North America. European skywatchers: move each Moon symbol a quarter of the way toward the one for the previous date. The Moon is shown three times actual size.) Sky & Telescope

Approximate U.S. Moonsets: 8:40pm, 9:30pm, 10:20pm
Approximate planet sets: Saturn: 8:30pm, Mars: 9:15pm

Note: A second Uranus-Pluto square * occurs Tuesday, 9/18, 11:55pm PDT (06:55 UT 9/19) Let go of what no longer serves your greater truth and fulfillment.

Sunlight is swallowing Saturn and Spica. Binoculars are helpful in seeing Saturn before it sets around 8:30pm. Keep your eyes safe; do not look at the Sun with binoculars!

The star to the right of our Red Planet Mars is Libra’s Zubenelgenubi, the southern "missing claw" of Scorpius. It has the dual character of making love or slaying its prey. The potential of getting revenge or repairing a relationship is present. Can you put out any fires of revenge? Who can you forgive?
9/19 Additional Map/Text

Antares is the fiery red heart star of the cosmic Scorpion, Scorpius. Luna guides us to this star Thursday, September 20. Antares keeps our evolutionary vision current and ensures our spiritual growth. Look Up! Tune up with Antares!
Cartoon:The Rival Of Mars And How The Scorpion Lost His Claws


Friday, Sept. 21

Today is International Day of Peace. Participate in a Global Meditation Vigil.

The almost First Quarter Moon lies above the stinger of Scorpius. The Scorpion’s stinger keeps us awake and on the divine path.


Saturday, Sept. 22

Night Sky’s Autumn Equinox + Global Meditations

Can you find the First Quarter Moon during the daylight hours?

At night the Moon lies above the top of the Sagittarius teapot asterism. Move toward the light. Sagittarius knows the way. Ask for guidance.


Sunday, Sept. 23, evening

The Moon helps you visualize the Pluto spacecraft. Look again on a moonless night with or without binoculars. Can you see M25? Map / Text

Let go of what no longer serves. Move toward the new horizons of your soul!


What’s up with Jupiter and Mercury?

Many are looking toward Jupiter because of its latest explosion. You can spot Jupiter low in the southeast around 11:00pm; by 6:00am it can be seen overhead. Master Jupiter is known as the Avatar of Synthesis who helps the many become the One.

Mercury messenger of the gods is hidden in the embrace of the Sun, currently seen with a coronagraph, and to reappear in the western evening sky in mid-October.

Explosion on Jupiter + Solar Conjunction of Mercury


What’s up with Venus?

This dazzling planet rises in the east around 3:00am; by 6:00am it is about 1/3 of the way to overhead. It is the brightest, blazing point of light in the sky. Some may mistake it for a UFO. Venus shines down upon us during the daylight hours until it sets around 5:15pm. Venus harmonizes humanity with the gifts of understanding, wise love, unity, creativity and beauty. Tune to her helpful emanations during the day.


A new lunar cycle has begun. Seek the Cup of Fulfillment. Let go of who you think you are or aren’t. Go deeper. Listen to the sound of silence. Align with the greater truth of the soul. Be open and receptive. Create a new illuminated you.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky