2012 Sirius~Leo Meditation Impression

Sirius ~ Leo

The following Impression is based on SouledOut's Full Moon Festival of Leo 2012 Meditation, and the related materials.

First that I felt and sensed in meditation, and I think for many of our group, that the Leo / Sirius Full Moon is becoming the major festival of our Spiritual year. The second thing that came through right away was that lions and serpents we face and overcome, as did Hercules in Alice Bailey's "The Labours of Hercules". We are going to have to continue to slay these lions and serpents. I don't mean that we are actually killing lions or serpents, I speak here metaphorically. They represent our pride and lower selves slithering about the earth must be dealt with, time and time again.

So in the sense of us connecting to the Global Heart center, uniting with our Spiritual Hierarchy, that comes right back to the point I was just making, it is so important for us to be us to be responsible, present and pure as we enter into these alignments.

The connection was made in the meditation, I am sensing this great pulse of energy coming from the star Sirius. Actually, the energy as far back as the Full Moon in Cancer seemed heavy and thick. It did lighten up as we worked on the meditation for Leo~Sirius, for about four or five days it felt like there was fairy dust in the air. Then when the Leo~Sirius new moon occurred it felt like it was raining down on us. It was almost like you needed an umbrella to walk around. I talked to all kinds of people during this time and they too agreed that the energy was so potent right now. And you know, in taking part in this festival we are "asking" for this.

Now the next idea that came to me... in the Light see the Light and finding that perfect point of Divinity within us, that blue-white diamond. Once you have found it within yourself, it really means very little to just sit there and observe your own Light, to become enamored with it. Once you have found this within your being, you are driven to seek that Light in everyone else and help those who cannot yet see it, in the same way you were once helped. This is all about service. We, as a Soul Group, took incarnation here, we became physical as well as Spiritual beings and our expression in the universe is shining the Light out while having these dual attributes.

Another thing that has always fascinated me, that we sense from this far distant source, the star Sirius (well actually two stars), is that it produces actual physical and Spiritual effects on us and the whole of Humanity. That something so far away could seem to some as actually inconsequential, and yet could have such an important and potent effect on Humanity, in our individual lives. And that it is part of our Spiritual Destiny. This serves to remind me that in the simple act of living our daily life consciously, Soul aware, we too can have a profound effect, with a simple prayer, kind act, healing meditation,  sharing a Spiritual teaching, posting a heart and Spirit awakening poem. It could be with someone close to us to us or very far away. These acts, especially in group, can have a great effect on our planet and show the very way to our Spiritual Destiny. This brings up the idea that sensitivity to these Spiritual energies is increasing, be it the star Sirius or our own Spiritual endeavors.

I also sensed that despite all the difficulties in our world, that the best in us is emerging, something new. It feels like a new connection. I know that Spiritual Groups, like ours, are reaching out, connecting and sharing in ever greater ways. It is a greater sense of Oneness, and this is what going to guide us.

It is a potent time. I know it is sometimes difficult to ride the wave of these energies, but ride we must, searching for the next breakthrough that will lead us all to our Divine Destiny.

Love & Light!