Making Right Choices/Wise Decisions

Some thoughts to share about making wise choices in life.  For those who have put their feet upon the Path of Discipleship, whatever step they may find themselves at any given time, the wisest choice one can make will always be based on Soul Values and not those of personality preferences.


We know that the Soul's values always have the Good of the Whole in mind, and not any separative part.  This could of course include one's own family, one's community, nation or world community of nations.


The Soul uses the methods of harmlessness and non-aggressive negotiation to reach an at-one-ment wherever possible.


The Soul realizes that all human beings are equal and are Souls, but that the level of expression of that Divinity within each individual varies in time and space, although all are traveling the same path.  Therefore, the Soul has a sense of responsibility for others...we are "our Brother's keepers".  The Brotherhood of Mankind is a fact in reality though not yet in perfect expression on our planet.


The Soul is willing to take a stand through its personality for that which represents the Good, the Beautiful and the True, in much the same way that we are told the Hierarchy stood with the Allies in World War II...realizing full well that all humans are souls, including those of the Axis powers,  but that some are expressing the qualities of the soul more fully whilst others are still in the thrall of personality values of self aggrandizement, aggression, willingness to corner the world's riches which are meant for all and any and all other separative values which are of the personality and not the Divinity within.


So, whatever choices we make in life up until we are the Soul in complete fusion with it's lower nature at the Third Initiation or beyond (in which case all choices and decisions are governed always by the Higher), we should make an effort to learn deep reflection beforehand, aligning with our higher natures, and thus make the choices and decisions we must based on those higher values.


And finally, if those choices we have made based on the higher values do not work out the way that we would have wished, we remain detached from the results knowing that the Soul of Humanity is growing and learning within the great Plan of the Evolutionary Process, and that  there is no doubt that eventually the Soul will be in control, so patience and non-attachment to results conditions us as we make right choices.