Virgo Meditation Impressions

All who participate in's Virgo Festival Global Meditation
are welcome to share impressions here.

Many Blessings to all for our collective experiences of full moon energies and outpourings!

Virgo Impression

As I looked up from the Chalice, that we form in meditation, to the Chalice in the constellation Virgo, I heard the words, "As above so below." Reminding us, that we are a living and evolving reflection of Divinity.

I saw, within our Chalice, energies flowing around in the cup. It was a soup of energies. That we were learning to direct, blend and maximize the impact of, for the good of all. Then from above I saw the amazingly pure particles of Divine light dropping into cup of the Chalice. The glow from the light above bathed our Chalice as well.

I then felt, as did all of us that, we should partake of this soup of energy flowing in the cup. As we did each of us began to glow a little brighter, soon the whole Chalice began to glow a little brighter, and we would pulse together slowly and rhythmically. We were sending Love and Light into our world and into the Universe.

The loving Light of Deity was at the center of our being and we are learning to see it at the center of all beings. We are preparing to give birth to a new way, a new age, and with each pulse of our Chalice the darkness becomes the Light.