Libra Divine Identification Meditation Impressions

All who participate in's Libra Festival Global Meditation
are welcome to share impressions here.

Many Blessings to all for our collective experiences of full moon energies and outpourings!

Impression of the energy of Libra

I sensed within me and in our world the scales of balance being tipped, up and down, over and over. This is hard. I sense it in larger things in our world and in me as well. This produces a level of chaos in the personal life, our communities, and in our world. So it has been really important for me to bring the Light of Libra down into this chaos. I have not been able to bring balance to all, but it sure helps me find a point again from where I can work.

In my meditations on Libra I can see two opposing ideas as the left side and the right side, on the scales. Rather than just react... I am not that, the left... or the right is all good, I try to understand the essence of both and the bring the Light of Libra down into both. Once I do and begin to find the balance, there is a place of peace. When the chaotic vibrations start to settle down, peace rises within me.

From this place of peace, from the point of balance, I can see and find a course of wise action. I can feel my Soul taking control. It is funny now I am reminded, of the message we put up, the Divine will always find us if we put out the message. Or, "I lose myself and find myself, and enter into peace."

Life goes on, and there will be other situations that are out of balance. But I am reminded at this time of Libra to go back the Light of Libra and bring that energy into a difficult situation.

I love our poem and will end with it:

We find Balance
between yes and no,
between stay and go.
We find Balance
between lost and found,
between sky and ground.
We find Balance
between sea and shore,
between less and more.
We find Balance
between yang and ying,
between loved and loving.
We find Balance.
between first and latter,
between Spirit and matter.

We find the Balance in All.