2012 Sagittarius Meditation Impression

First, I would like to take a moment and thank Davita Lynne, Nancy Connally, and Susan Sun for the beautiful poetry, prose and insights you share with all on the WeCycledWisdom.

What follows is an impression received during the Full Moon, just passed, for Sagittarius, in November 2012. It is based on the SouledOut Full Moon Meditation and the related writings found on the site, and the works of A. A. Bailey.

I had been thinking a lot about the idea of "control and right use of thought" in the days before the full moon meditation and in the meditation. I have been really trying, for the the last month or so, perhaps inspired doing research for the meditation, to let go of certain ways I have of thinking. Some of it due to laziness, some a lack of focus, and some due to old habits. In this, I am making a conscious effort to work toward an even greater understanding of the right use and control of thought.

As a group,when we focus with clear minds, we do have the power to open things up, to invoke and be receptive to the energies available. In this we are the gatekeepers.

I found the idea of the fiery energy of Sagittarius being used as a torch to light our way through any darkness very appealing. This folds back to the thought that the light can show direction and bring clarity of of mind to us. It is really up for me, and I think Humanity, to be focused and of clear mind, to be open and receptive to the energies flowing into our consciousness, and to be aware of the new energies or information now being made available to us.

The meditation preparation began on a New Moon Solar Eclipse, and there was a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the very day. I was motivated to do some research prior to working on the meditation, and suggest you check out SouledOut's Night Sky for further information on Eclipses. They can bring change, the dark as well as the light can be pulled upon. This offers a opportunity to be aware of the darkness and take the time to eliminate that which no longer serves.

This is a perfect segue into the next thought I had during the meditation, returning to the idea that what was once hidden is now revealed. We are being asked to look to see what needs to change within us and in our world. In this we take reasoned and wise action, and we become consistent in this effort so we can find that sometimes elusive "Life more Abundant".

The constellation Ara I was not aware of until I did some reading in preparation for the meditation. In discussions with others they were not aware of it. But the vision of an altar in the heart of the Milky Way galaxy was interesting and felt right to me. It gave me a new place to focus, to put my attention. I was easily able to in-vision the altar, and easily saw us coming there. A friend had recently shared, that sacrifice is to offer Holy. This comes back to the concept of the sacrifice of selfishness, letting go of some earthly pulls and desires so we can serve something larger. The sacrifice of little self so we may unite in the larger self. It is a way of thinking, a way of being so necessary for our evolution.

Then came that brilliant point of light within our collective mind, we began to amplify it. It became a great beam of light shining out into the heavens and to higher realms, far, far out into the universe. It then revealed another Light, our light seeking and finding an even greater Light. This was all about being aware of these energies and higher realms, that they are available if we are prepared, purified, and open to them.  What an inspiration, that we can find and see the Light Divine.

This effort on our part puts us in a place where we can better serve. As we now approach the New Group Servers Festival Week, we are asked to come together and focus our energy to bring the needed enlightenment for Humanity's ~ and all the Kingdoms here on earth ~ next step toward our Divine Destiny.

We are ready to serve, the Mountaintop is before us, we are ready to climb, aligning heart and mind, Soul and form in this Light. And we radiate that Light to all in our world.


We end the thought that divides and separates.
We are the thought that unifies and liberates!

Sagittarius Meditation Impression

Thanks to you too, Ted....for all your sharings.  All of us are enriched by the contributions of others and even those who perhaps don't comment are adding their thoughts and meditations.  Many thanks also to Kate Ingram for all her work on this site and  SouledOut.org.